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  1. Hi Fraser, thanks for the info. I'll wait for the next version then.
  2. It cancels what I've done. i cant add any custom device on the advanced tab.
  3. Shure: 726808d30511e7ec ; 6ec0632e5d0db3b8 ; 05a5390442a4dee3 Also I would like to point out that the last ID is from Germany, but the map of Geo-Filter was showing it on the US. Would it be possible in the future to give us the option to add ip addresses manually. It was a bit triky to add those 3 Ids because they only showed on the map for a few seconds. Leave some time for Fallout 76 and Battlefield V please 😛 It poped up when I was adding a custom , advanced device on the QOS. When I press done I get that msg. (every time) Also on the subject of the QOS, can we have a option to consider the Traffic from one port has low priority (Could be useful to mark Steam and Origin downloads has low Priority). Once again thank you for help.
  4. I got an error Msg (Attached) every time I tried. Made multiple attends with different ports. I did that, my radius was at 3000 Kms and I did not enable strict. This helped allot. Added 3 servers on canada and that fixed the matchmaking issues, problem was they only showed 5 secs on the map and only when I started the game. I take it there isn't a workaround for Steam and Origin traffic to stop being considered priority traffic while the device is set to Xbox?
  5. Hi jack, tanks for the quick answer. So I got some mixed results. The map did started to show hosts and I could connect ok on the 1st game. I could not reconnect to another host after I finished the 1st game. The only way to connect again was to delete Geo-filter. Also, changing my device type to xbox made the Xr500 think steam and origin traffic was priority trafic (Btw also noticed that Discord was considered Uncategorised). Also when my device is set for desktop I never get High Priority traffic on Warframe.
  6. So I just got my XR500 and to my surprise one of the games that I most play is not supported. The Router doesn't even register that I'm playing, doesn't show ping from servers, nothing. Please add warframe to the list of supported games, it would be very beneficial since Warframe uses P2P.
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