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  1. I only ask because I can't find a "VPN Section"
  2. Hi. I had to step away from this for a while but i'm giving it another try today. I've updated to DumaOS, but can't see anywhere to set -up the VPN, is this no longer possible?
  3. At the attached geo filter settings, I can connect to the gameworld, load in to one of the open worlds and some enemies will spawn (although not all) with longer times between getting booted (although I do still get booted eventually)
  4. So I managed to log-in to Destiny 2 with VPN disabled, goe-filters enabled. But, I have the same problem of not being able to match make or see NPC's, or if i do, getting kicked within 30 sec of matchmaking, please see geo-filter screen grab attached.
  5. Please see my latest speed test results attached, while connected to HMA VPN. I'm still unable to log into Destiny 2 while connected to VPN. I now can't log into Destiny 2 with geo-filters on either. So, VPN disabled, geo-filters enabled. Please see screen shot attached.
  6. Is there a tech support number I could call to speed this up a bit?
  7. With VPN enable: Cannot log-in to Destiny 2 With VPN disabled, geo-filters enabled: Can log into Destiny 2, try to match make, doesn't work. With VPN Disable, geo-filter disabled: Everything works. geo-filter screen shot attached I can't get the speedtest.net error message to reoccur, please find results attached. PIA settings returned error message failed.
  8. Any other VPN setting I can try? I set up a HMA account to make things simple, but I also have a PIA account if that helps.
  9. I'm in Buckinghamshire so not to far from London, around 60 miles. If I disable the VPN I can connect to the Destiny servers, but i'm unable to match make, and if I do make it into the gameworld, there are no NCP's and i'm kicked after around 30 sec. If I also disable the geofilters I can log in and I can match make. Trying to run a speed test on speedtest.net gave an error message saying I'm blocked, and now doesn't work at all. Disabling the VPN, I can run the testand I get a speed of 27ms, 25.59Mbps up, 6.69Mbps down. Congestion control is on default setting, I haven't touched them screen grab attached.
  10. google speed test saying i'm getting 0.87 Mbps down and 0.08 up (so a fifth was extremely modest)
  11. We're getting there. It looks like that's worked, although now my speed is a fifth of what it was and I can't sign into Destiny 2. Geo filters are sent to 2500Km and 30ms ping (that was the default) and strict mode is off. any ideas?
  12. I tried the attached and received the following error Tue Oct 2 13:28:36 2018 WARNING: file '/tmp/vpncred' is group or others accessible Tue Oct 2 13:28:36 2018 NOTE: the current --script-security setting may allow this configuration to call user-defined scripts Tue Oct 2 13:28:36 2018 Cannot load inline certificate file: error:0906D066:lib(9):func(109):reason(102): error:140AD009:lib(20):func(173):reason(9) Tue Oct 2 13:28:36 2018 Exiting due to fatal error
  13. Hi, I've tried factory resetting twice but just get the same problem. I decided to give up on the VPN and tried to just log in and play a little Destiny 2, but no NPC's would spawn and after 30 seconds or so i'm booted to orbit, no matter what game mode I try, so looks like I have multiple problems. Currently back to my old router.
  14. I'm having real trouble with the VPN on my Netduma. I signed up to "hide my ass" to try and make things easier but it's just not working. I'm unable to connect to any server i try, and now the VPN log just keeps filling up with "failed, will try again in 5 seconds: Connection refused" I've tried to disable the VPN but i just get the message "Failed to communicate with router." I've tried rebooting the router, and a hard power reset, and pausing my antivirus software, no joy. This is driving me nuts. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
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