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  1. Hi Guys, I wanted to come to the site to let you know what I've found so far with the XR500 that I just purchased, I've had a hard time with QOS and had to do some tinkering to get everything to work with searching through this forum and google. Mainly my issues have been with trying to prioritizing my games. I'm strictly a PC gamer and DumaOS Classified Games only is picking up two games Fortnite and Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike Global:Offensive are both not being detected. With the most recent firmware I was unable to add any ports to the priority list, I would just get the error you see attached. With tinkering by downgrading the firmware and testing my games with Wireshark to find which UDP ports they were using so I could prioritize them manually. CS:GO I had to open up 27015-27050, this is only because FACE-IT servers go beyond the normal range that CS:GO Matchmaking uses. I also play ESEA on CS:GO and their servers use port 28089 from the match I recently played. I am using Blizzard's FAQ of which ports are for WoW and had to tinker with them. I had to turn on TCP/UDP for 3724 and the other two ports I only had to configure them for UDP and the traffic seemed to be grabbing now. I tried a number of things in the beginning as factory resetting the router, re-downloading the latest firmware and downgrading the firmware only to V2.3.2.22 (I performed a factory reset each time I upgraded or downgraded the firmware except this last time to save my port prioritization) to test the DumaOS Classified Games at that firmware and then try to configure my game ports for prioritization in QOS to see if something was wrong with V2.3.2.32. I was able to add my ports on V2.3.2.22. Just trying to make DumaOS a better product for all of us. I've found the DumaOS UI and QOS setup and geo-filter abilities to be superb so far as well as the UI being extremely intuitive. I'm looking forward to using this router for quite a few years and am looking forward to future updates as long as NetGear does not break anything in the Firmware updates. I have not informed NetGear about any of this and if you guys would like to yourself go right ahead, and let me know however I can help with what I've found. UPDATE: I'm still tinkering with my router and after testing everything pre-configured on V and upgrading to V2.3.2.32 my high priority manually entered ports were not working anymore and had to downgrade back to V2.3.2.22 to make sure my QOS is running properly.
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