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  1. If I change my XR500 to AP mode, do you know: 1. Do the other wireless configurations work (like an optional guest network, etc.)? 2. Do the other physical ports on the X500 continue to function (so it's a switch) to hard wire some further connections? Yes - I understand this makes most of the other router functions stop working, but if I replace the router functionality, I want to know what I can expect with the XR500 in AP mode. Thanx.
  2. Yes -- that's what this thread is about -- "DNSMASQ". I was commenting on the previous post that suggested DNS setting were in the LAN scope. btw - I've also tried running DHCP on the same server as the DNS and DumaOS immediately got confused about the network map, didn't show online devices, and several other symptoms that have all been previously reported by the community. I'd suggest any new firmware release might want to have some tests for a LAN side DNS and DHCP configuration.
  3. Um. Maybe worked in early 2018, but now -- v2.3.2.40 -- the "WAN Setup" page is the only place to define any WAN settings and ... of COURSE ... it's NOT on the page. The only place for DNS info is in the so-called "Internet setup" page. (Really?) (btw - that's where my pihole ip is defined) The "Lan Setup" doesn't have anything for DNS. Just DHCP stuff that doesn't really play well with the rest of the features of the OS. It's sad. oh. related post: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/27818-using-separate-dhcpdns-server-getting-unnamed-device-in-device-manager/
  4. fyi - I struggled with similar issues related to DNS. I been trying to configure a pihole ( https://pi-hole.net ) for network-wide ad blocking. It's essentially a private DNS server. It seems, from the netgear support forum https://community.netgear.com/t5/Idea-Exchange-For-Home/Additional-DNS-support/idc-p/1694961#M2096, that some (all?) of their routers -- like the XRxxx series, use a "post-NAT" DNS relay which means the DNS only knows the gateway is making the request.
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