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  1. I didn’t buy this router to have to disable all theses features for things to work right. When are you guys going to fix these issues. Is there anything in the works. Is anything even being attempted to get it fixed. 289.95 is a lot of money to me for a router. I feel this product should be much better than it is. I turned off instant on and that made it stop loosing connection but that’s a console feature I really like. And turning off auto connect did nothing for the WiFi calling still really bad and mine is also.
  2. I’m going to send you pictures tonight once I get home so you can see my settings.
  3. Okay sounds good. I really like this routers features but it drives me insane that I constantly have to restart it and that the WiFi calling for my wife’s phone is pretty bad but that could be her phones fault I haven’t played with that much. Been to worried about the wired devices losing connection more lately.
  4. It is not only related to the Xbox. My computer disconnects as well. Just tested that over the last couple days. Wired devices only disconnect. This is really bad 289.00 guys 289.00 and I’ve had to call netgear at least 6 times now and complain in a forum. As of now they are recording what my router does. And this morning all wired devices have no internet once again. So I’m going to call them when I get off work and save and send to them the log of when the router disconnects
  5. Yes it is the Xbox that is loosing it. So I tried what you said and today when I got home once again it has no connection to the internet but is receiving a IP address of But no internet I’ve set up a static up address for my console and the only way for it to go back to that address is Too power cycle the router then the router says it isn’t receiving internet from the modem and the only way to fix that is too reset the modem while the router is on. Because if I reset the modem with the router off then turn the router on after the modem is reset it still gets no internet. I’ve also tried not having a static up address and still my wired device looses connection. Figured maybe it was my console so then I left my computer wired and it happens to the computer also. Then I called netgear. They say after doing all there checking. Router must have a hardware issue send me another one. And I’ve had this one now for two weeks and it does the same exact same thing. My router prior to this one was a netgear 7000. Work fine. Had no problems. Bought this router because it has netdoma but so far this router has been causing more issues than I have ever had with any router in my life. My wife’s wifi on her phone is horrible. She can’t make WiFi’s calls and if it does work the calls always break up. Idk what to do but this sucks. I really love this routers features but please get with netgear and help them fix this thing. I’ve let them in my computer and they played with settings still does the same stuff. I just hope I didn’t buy a 300.00 piece of crap. Please guys please make this router better. She needs a good update bad.
  6. I did the reset as you said. Got home today from work. Wired device still have no internet while all WiFi devices do. Then I power cycle the router and then my console receives internet from the router. Very frustrating. This is my second xr500 netgear sent me a new one because the first one had a hardware issue.
  7. I’ve downloaded the new firmware update and still today after it has been installed I’m still loosing connection to all my wired devices.
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