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  1. A quick status update on the issue. I few days ago I replaced the brand new Arris TM1602 modem that I got from Spectrum/Charter last month since I’ve just found out that the Arris modem has that garbage Intel Puma6 chip. In its place I put an equivalent Netgear CM600 and now I’m running the .32 FW without any speed or MAC address issues; however, I still get WiFi devices disconnect on me for a few seconds when on the 2.4Ghz band. So the .32 FW issue might have been related to the Arris modem, even though it seems to run fine with the XR500 on the .22 FW version.
  2. Yeah I'm just using the downgraded .22 FW at the moment I guess. The speeds are what I'm supposed to get from the ISP and I can now select "Use Default MAC Address" without getting totally disconnected from the WAN and losing the internet access completely. There's still a glitch with the .22 FW that I haven't noticed as much with the newer .32, and that is my WiFi devices get disconnected for a second or two on the 2.4Ghz network. Super annoying when you're on the Skype call. I guess there real question is how long will it take for Netgear to publish a fixed firmware?
  3. I contacted Netgear support just like Netduma told me. Instead of just simply creating a bugtracker ticket for me, they want to troubleshoot this issue with me even more. I’ve litteraly done all of the hard work already and you can see on the forums that other XR500 owners are having the exact same problem just like me. I’m so frustruated that I’m quickly giving up on the whole notion of keeping this thing. It hasn’t even been a whole month since I bought the device where the experience feels like an unpolished beta test that has a year to go before being stable enough for everyday use.
  4. Works just fine on the old version. I forgot to check the MAC address setting though before upgrading it.
  5. After about 30 minutes of troubleshooting, I can now confirm, without a doubt, that the latest ( firmware is the reason my download speed has been cut in half. Here's what I did: 1) I manually downloaded the latest update .img file and then re-upgraded the router. 2) I've then reset the router to factory thru the GUI option and once that was done and I was on the first setup wizard screen, I then again reset the router with the physical reset button on the back of the device. 3) While going thru the first setup wizard the router does an automatic speed test. Shockingly, it recommended me to set the proper speeds that I'm supposed to get 213/12. I selected "use these speeds." 4) I've noticed that in the Settings>Setup>Internet Setup, the Router Mac Address was once again auto selected to "Use Computer MAC Address," If that option is toggled to "Use Default Address" then I would immediately lose internet access and no amount of reboots would fix that until you set the setting back to "Use Computer MAC Address." 5) With both the QOS settings enabled and globally disabled I still get internet speed of about 100 down and 10 up. I'm using wired connections with every single device in the house disconnected from the router. 6) Direct connection to modem, bypassing the router, gives me the proper 200+/10+ speeds. I didn't have this problem on the previous version of firmware.
  6. I've posted about my issues on their forums but how in the blazes do I get a hold of some one to submit a ticket? I've registered on the site and registered my purchased router but cannot find anywhere how to contact them.
  7. Hey, thanks for your reply. No, I haven't gotten a chance to downgrade the router's firmware yet. The issue literally started the night I upgraded the firmware. Direct connection to modem yields the proper speeds. Someone else on the Netgear's forums mentioned that he's experiencing an exact issue. Both of us can't toggle the radio button to use the router's default MAC address without permanently loosing internet access. Perhaps this has something to do with the speed issue.
  8. Does Netgear provide some sort of a recovery tool in case a router is bricked during a botched firmware upgrade? Some routers have either a recovery mode or a software utility to do this. The reason I ask is because I want to try directly flashing the image to the router as if it originally shipped with it, directly bypassing the GUI upgrade process. Maybe this will do the trick.
  9. I’ve already factory reset once since the update totally killed the internet connection. I did the reset within the GUI. Is it a different reset with the physical button? I’ve manually punched in 200/10 under bufferbloat settings, but I still get less than 200.
  10. Same, I get disconnects on WiFi but haven’t noticed any on wired.
  11. Thanks fo the reply. 1. Internet download speed is cut nearly in half. Could have something to do with the fact that the router won’t work with its own MAC address. I don’t know. 2. WiFi devices connected to the 2.4ghz band get randomly disconnected for a few seconds. Very annoying when doing a Skype call. 3. Cannot add a printer connected via the USB.
  12. I’ve tried doing the speed test with both QOS disabled and enabled. I get same results on both. Btw, I am hard wired to the router and not on WIFI when testing the speeds.
  13. I can confirm OP’s issues with the latest firmware since I’m also experiencing the same problems. I completely lost internet access after the upgrade and had to perform a full factory reset on the router to get it back. Now, my download speeds are also cut in more than half, while strangely the upload is unaffected. How does one perform a firmware downgrade? I want to bring it back so that I can get the correct internet speeds. I’ve only had this router for about a month and it really feels like a beta test. I’ll give it one more chance to redeem itself at the next firmware update to see if the issues are all resolved, otherwise it’s getting exchanged for something else. It’s got good features but the execution is terrible and not worth the retail price and my time spent troubleshooting the buggy DumaOS.
  14. I’ve only had the XR500 router for about a month. Unfortunately, so far I’m not at all impressed with the main selling feature that is DumaOS and I’m frustruated to the point of potentially exchanging it for a different make and model. Luckilly I purchased the BestBuy’s extended warranty. The router was running the previous firmware mostly fine. However, I was unable to setup my USB printer for a network share and devices connected to the 2.4Ghz network were randomly getting disconnected completely off of the WiFi for a few seconds. As I was using the devices I would see the WiFi icon turn gray and dissapear, just to reappear back solid a second later. I updated the fimware last night to the latest version hoping that the printer and WiFi issue would have been resolved. This is where the issues really start. Immediately after the upgrade installed I lost the internet access on all devices. I could still get into the XR500 admin page to monkey around with the settings but I could not get online with anything in the house. I couldn’t even get to the modem admin page or even ping its I power cycled both the modem and the router several times and everytime the DumaOS would tell me that I was disconnected from WAN. That’s when I decided to factory reset the XR500 router. After the factory reset it took the router a bizzarely long time to auto configure the internet access before it redirected me back into the main GUI, but eventually I was back online. Strangely, in the internet configuration settings, if I changed the “use the PC MAC address” to “use XR500 default MAC address,” I would immediately lose internet access and no amount of power cycling would fix it until changing the setting back to the “use the computer’s MAC address.” I left all QOS settings stock. My internet speed is usually slightly over 200/10. With the newest firmware update my download speed is now a consistent 60-90 download. The upload hasn’t changed; however. Direct connection to modem tests fine at 200 down and 10 up. Disabling all router’s QOS settings doesn’t help. I still can’t connect my PCs to a laser USB printer even though I had no issues with my previous ASUS router. I still get random disconnects on WiFi. I was reading on these forums that firmware updates get published every 3 months. Is there a chance that these issues might get resolved sooner since they so severely cripple the router’s functionality? Is there an easy way to downgrade the router’s firmware to the previous version? I didn’t purchase a $300 Gaming Router just to get my download speed get cut more than half. Thanks.
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