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  1. If you get non GT versions of Asus routers, then you can flash AsusMerlin firmware very easily. It comes with fq_codel for bufferbloat mitigation.
  2. I'd seriously recommend people to give up their hopes and go with a different solution for their routing needs. While perusing these forums, I finally found out that future proper IPv6 support is not even on the table at this point. I've personally encountered where all WAN activity stops with IPv6 enabled, so them having the tickbox for it available in the settings in the first place blows my mind. No IPv6 support today for me is unacceptable. Luckily I was smart enough to get a 2 year warranty when I originally bought mine. I feel bad for people who are will be stuck with theirs, still hoping. You can't even flash a custom firmware on the damn thing while you wait.
  3. Are you downloading to an external HDD? I've noticed that on my PS4 the games installed to the USB external HDD never get auto updated, regardless whether the console is currently powered ON or in standby. I have to either force the updates by hitting OPTIONS on the controller or let it update when launching. It's pretty inconvenient. I remember looking this up online and seeing somewhere that it's a common thing on all PS4s.
  4. I've now owned the XR500 for 1.5 years and to this day: No IPv6 without killing off the QOS. No USB printer support. Incorrect network activity stats. No control over VPN settings. Bugs and glitches in the management GUI. Very questionable QOS performance is some games. Very poor update support. At this point this product should be considered as abandonware. Netduma's/Netgear's lack for transparency with such a vocal community is truly disturbing. There are other manufacturers with devices out there that have a much more active support than Netgear/Netduma and according to my preliminary research, as good, if not better implementations of QOS and AQM. I am no longer actively using this router and will soon be totally replacing it. Hats off to those of you who will be sticking around for the long haul, still beta testing a 2 year old AC router.
  5. A quick status update on the issue. I few days ago I replaced the brand new Arris TM1602 modem that I got from Spectrum/Charter last month since I’ve just found out that the Arris modem has that garbage Intel Puma6 chip. In its place I put an equivalent Netgear CM600 and now I’m running the .32 FW without any speed or MAC address issues; however, I still get WiFi devices disconnect on me for a few seconds when on the 2.4Ghz band. So the .32 FW issue might have been related to the Arris modem, even though it seems to run fine with the XR500 on the .22 FW version.
  6. Yeah I'm just using the downgraded .22 FW at the moment I guess. The speeds are what I'm supposed to get from the ISP and I can now select "Use Default MAC Address" without getting totally disconnected from the WAN and losing the internet access completely. There's still a glitch with the .22 FW that I haven't noticed as much with the newer .32, and that is my WiFi devices get disconnected for a second or two on the 2.4Ghz network. Super annoying when you're on the Skype call. I guess there real question is how long will it take for Netgear to publish a fixed firmware?
  7. I contacted Netgear support just like Netduma told me. Instead of just simply creating a bugtracker ticket for me, they want to troubleshoot this issue with me even more. I’ve litteraly done all of the hard work already and you can see on the forums that other XR500 owners are having the exact same problem just like me. I’m so frustruated that I’m quickly giving up on the whole notion of keeping this thing. It hasn’t even been a whole month since I bought the device where the experience feels like an unpolished beta test that has a year to go before being stable enough for everyday use.
  8. Works just fine on the old version. I forgot to check the MAC address setting though before upgrading it.
  9. After about 30 minutes of troubleshooting, I can now confirm, without a doubt, that the latest ( firmware is the reason my download speed has been cut in half. Here's what I did: 1) I manually downloaded the latest update .img file and then re-upgraded the router. 2) I've then reset the router to factory thru the GUI option and once that was done and I was on the first setup wizard screen, I then again reset the router with the physical reset button on the back of the device. 3) While going thru the first setup wizard the router does an automatic speed test. Shockingly, it recommended me to set the proper speeds that I'm supposed to get 213/12. I selected "use these speeds." 4) I've noticed that in the Settings>Setup>Internet Setup, the Router Mac Address was once again auto selected to "Use Computer MAC Address," If that option is toggled to "Use Default Address" then I would immediately lose internet access and no amount of reboots would fix that until you set the setting back to "Use Computer MAC Address." 5) With both the QOS settings enabled and globally disabled I still get internet speed of about 100 down and 10 up. I'm using wired connections with every single device in the house disconnected from the router. 6) Direct connection to modem, bypassing the router, gives me the proper 200+/10+ speeds. I didn't have this problem on the previous version of firmware.
  10. I've posted about my issues on their forums but how in the blazes do I get a hold of some one to submit a ticket? I've registered on the site and registered my purchased router but cannot find anywhere how to contact them.
  11. Hey, thanks for your reply. No, I haven't gotten a chance to downgrade the router's firmware yet. The issue literally started the night I upgraded the firmware. Direct connection to modem yields the proper speeds. Someone else on the Netgear's forums mentioned that he's experiencing an exact issue. Both of us can't toggle the radio button to use the router's default MAC address without permanently loosing internet access. Perhaps this has something to do with the speed issue.
  12. Does Netgear provide some sort of a recovery tool in case a router is bricked during a botched firmware upgrade? Some routers have either a recovery mode or a software utility to do this. The reason I ask is because I want to try directly flashing the image to the router as if it originally shipped with it, directly bypassing the GUI upgrade process. Maybe this will do the trick.
  13. I’ve already factory reset once since the update totally killed the internet connection. I did the reset within the GUI. Is it a different reset with the physical button? I’ve manually punched in 200/10 under bufferbloat settings, but I still get less than 200.
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