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  1. Yeah you more or less got it😅 The only thing holding me back from a new NG is the price. When it’s almost more than twice the price it’s a hard pill to swallow.
  2. While I know a few may read the tag and just say yes I do have some more indepth questions. I have been reading up on it and while the R1 is most definitely a purchase, I was clued in on the Netgear side of things, so I do know those exist too. My problem is that pretty much anywhere in Norway (Hi from Trondheim) you get a router with your ISP subscription. We have the ISP called “Get” and they did give me their newest Sagecom but it is not preforming well when we start gaming. The reason I say this is because even if I wanted to, I can’t swap my Sagecom with anything I have because my ISP are dicks and check if it up and running-_- Thus I don’t want to spend the 300+$ on a Netgear router as I can’t swap it with the Sagecom. I am really leaning towards buying the R1 because I’ll just hook it up to the Sagecom and not care about what the wifi does. For references both me and the wife are playing on each our Xbox One. Other things include: laptops, phones, tablets, older handheld consoles an a Switch. But the Xboxes are on cable as I’ve tried to solve some issues there. Not enough. So (sorry, this got long.), Do I even need to consider anything from Netgear when all I need is something for the Xboxes and maybe my stationary PC? thanks for any help I can get ;)
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