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  1. @e38BimmerFN ok will ask them. @kinel Thx i will try that tonight.
  2. Yeah with the Geofilter disabled too, but when i change router it goes away. What i do not understand is when i use my old Netgear R6800 it shows the right location to the meter. But when i switch it to the XR500 it dislocates me that far. My base Ping is <5ms and in other Games like BF1 & OW i get around 20ms. But with BO4 i am around 60-70ms when located to EU Server as Frankfurt, London, Paris. Ingame Ping. Geofilter says around 10ms less r so. Maybe its that 20Hz topic as now or i dont know Is there anything i can do or change on the XR500 the get the right Location out into the BO4 Network settings?
  3. Hi I have a problem with the XR500. I play Black Ops 4 on the PS4 Pro and when the game Starts it puts me in a Wrong Region or better say in a wrong Town 250km from my Location. I am from Vienna, but when i go into the Network Settings ingame it shows me in Wolfsegg am Hausruck which is a little village far far away from me. Bc of that (i think) i have issues with the Ping (lowest 67ms to Frankfurt the closest Server) and also the use of the Geo Filter is limited. Is there a Solution r has anybody some simmilar Issues with the Region and Location? When i hook up my old R6800 it puts me into Vienna without changing anything just straight in. Pls for help, thx in advance. Greetz
  4. Hi As seen here in Simj Clip from March it seems that there r problems with those 3 Options. Are they fixed with the newest Firmware or are the still Present ? "Standard Features That are not currently working in ****: As this information is now out in the public these are the standard features that were not working on the XR500. Note this is Netgear software that has the issue, and not the Netduma software portion running on the XR500. 1. UPnP - unreliable. It does not open ports. It only opened up the XB1's XBL port. COD ports were not opened. None of the PS4 ports opened. So only one port that was opened was displayed on the UPnP page. 2. Port Triggering - unreliable. It should work but does not. A GUI bug exists where you cannot deselect (disable) rules 2-N. You can only disable the 1st rule. 3. Port Forwarding - unreliable. It just does not work. This unreliable behaviour is when using it with a PPPoE modem (HG612). I had to relaunch games in quick succession to get an Open NAT, i.e. (1) Load Game.. goto multiplayer screen; (2) Quit Game (3) Load game.. goto multplayer screen; and then Open NAT is reported, but ports still not listed on XR500. All of my other routers the Netduma R1, TP Link, R7800 which is running LEDE (not netgear code), all work first time and list the ports that have been opened." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sW2YwAp-Qbs Just got the XR500, Played COD on Xbox and PS4, no Open Ports under Upnp!? Also missing the Pin Assist Option too... Thx in Advance.
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