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  1. I haard turned off my xb1x, unplugged from the wall. deleted the device from the geo filter did again razer asked me to do from above. did what you told me to do for ping filter and fortnite still does the same thing, and cant even find games in COD B04 it is showing connection looking like peers with triangles on them. but if I untick strict mode I can find games in fortnite, cod ETC now on the Nintendo switch I tried looking for games in Mario kart 8 deluxe and super smash bros ultimate and I couldn't join the server. so either 1. ping filter doesn't work or 2. something is wrong with my router. ive resetted it to factory settings 4 times and put the old firmware twice so that I can update to the new one and still nothing. and it cant be my settings because I am doing it how you guys are telling me.
  2. yea no it doesn't let me connect to any dedicated server using ping filter I restarted the game 3 times just to make sure and it shows my regular ping as 9999ms and when I try to join a server it shows with a triangle and says network connection lost. so ping filter is not working or working properly. my geo filter settings are XB1X in filtering mode strict mode ticked auto ping ticked ping assist 50ms fast search unticked radius is in the middle of the ocean and at the lowest range possible (111km)
  3. if I do this which I have tried, games like fortnite show a ping of 9999ms and If I try to join a lobby It wont let me. I am going to try it again but by doing what fraser told me to do, which re doing everything in geo filter. ill let you guys know.
  4. I cannot join any server in Mario kart 8 deluxe with strict mode ticked or unticked just like with madden19 servers but it was find games with 143ms with ping assist at 50. in super smash bros I can find matches but 55+ms with ping assist at 50 with strict mode ticked im find matches outside of my radius with 70ms. inside my radius is between 56ms and 73ms with ping assist at 50.
  5. I tried on COD set the ping assist to 25ms. the first one was 25ms the second one was 37ms so was the third one and so on. this is with strict mode ticked and a radius of 1220 miles I tried it with strict mode unticked with the radius as small as possible and was getting 35ms and up to 45ms tried it with strict mode off but a radius of about 980 miles and it was getting me servers outside of the radius with 35+ ms all of these test are with the console on filtering mode. is something wrong with my router?
  6. if I use ping assist can I uncheck strict or it needs to be checked?
  7. ok when you press start on the madden 19 menu the first it connects to is a dedicated server the ID is ac9fe2ad3c4b9499 when I play a game I connect to a domain as a peer and the ping to this one is low (37ms) the ID is c09fd29d3c5f9499 now the second one is also a peer connection but is it a EA "server" but the ping to this one is high (75ms) the ID is df9fb8833c7e9499 I have allowed all these servers but every time I try to look for a game a similar Server ID shows only difference could be a few letters or numbers but still ends in 9499 and wont let me join it unless I hit Allow before the timer hits 10 seconds in the games. now if thats the case then I will have to that for every game and I am assuming I would be allow in the 50s if not hundreds and I believe there is a limit for Allow and Deny servers right?
  8. how should I have it set up, because I did how the help page said by putting it on the middle of ocean and closing the radius as small as possible but it wouldnt let me join anything, even if I set the ping up to 80. and this was with everything checked in geo filter except fast search , and on filtering mode instead of spectating mode.
  9. xbox one x and Nintendo Switch are both on spectating mode and under their correct device. under options I have Strict Mode checked auto ping host checked ping assist is at 0 because I am a bit confused about it and from I've been told here is that it is only for peer to peer connections, and to be honest only game ive seen connect using peer to peer is COD BO4, marion kart 8 deluxe, madden 19, fifa 18 and 19, super smash bros ultimate and Mario party. now out of all of these games the only one I could play using ping assist the way the website help link says is COD b04(havent tried any other COD game) all of the others say my connection timed out or connection lost. now on the xbox 1x if put it filtering mode with strict mode checked I can find matches in Fortnite R6S every COD game PUBG fifa 18 BF1 and BFV I can only select the servers not do a quick match. but I cannot join games like madden 19 any switch title
  10. try playing your switch wired. Nintendo is selling an adapter just like they did with the wii u. but speed dont go higher than 60mbps on download from what ive seen and 5mbps in upload.
  11. hi how could I use the switch on filtering mode? because it wont let me join any mariokart 8 deluxe matches nor super smash bros ultimate on filtering mode only on spectating mode. every time I try to join a match or a lobby it says connection lost. same happens on madden 19 on xbox, and BF1 and BFV if I try to do matchmaking but not choosing a server.
  12. before ping assist got added in the .40 firmware I usedto and can still play pubg and fortnite with my console on filtering mode and with strict mode on. the only thing I couldn't do was that I couldn't join any EA games like fifa, madden and battlefield's lobbies. my question is. is ping assist only for COD and if not what other games does it work with?
  13. so quick question is ping assist only for COD? and EA lobbies can only be joined if my xbox1x is on spectating mode?
  14. I did go through it, I even set the ping to 80ms and still nothing but if I put strict mode on off with filtering mode on I can join the lobbies
  15. oh and I tried seeing my warranty and it says that the serial number is incorrect even tho it is the correct one...…...
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