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  1. This issue started again. Honestly can't believe that I'm the only one experiencing this
  2. I got some help from the Google Home support people. They suggest the following: As discussed if you're having issue with the Netgear Nighthawk router, then you may need to: Disable Access Control Enable the option "Allow guests to see each other and access my local network" in the "Guest Network Setup" You may refer HERE for the article available on our Google Home Support Site. I can't find those options in the router software?
  3. Update on the PS4 standby vs off. 12 hours later is was fine... I usually notice it when I get home after work and I want to turn on the lights, but last night was fine. 24 hours later, they disconnected. My PS4 has been turned off completely for the last 24 hours+, so open to any other suggestions please!? Just to point out... It's possible that this might be a problem on the Google Home side of things because one of the reasons for buying the XR500 was that I believed it would help with this issue that I experienced in the past as well. It was fine and working for a very long time, until recently. It's difficult to say since I can't be the only person experiencing issues, but it's frustrating the @!#%^$ out of me.
  4. Thanks, I've given it a try since last night and so far so good, but I'll check again in 12 hours. Is it not possible to fix this on the router's end, because again, the rest mode is quite convenient?
  5. In terms of turning the PS4 completely off and not using power saving "standby" mode - how would this affect the google home devices? I'd be happy to try, but I don't consider that a fix.
  6. The two google home devices are the only two which I can notice because they require manual set-up each time to get them working again. They control most of my smart plugs, so I can't turn lamps on or off. The smart plugs stay and other devices, PS4, mobile phones, laptop, smart TV etc all remain connected from what I can tell.
  7. I have address reservation setup for both Google Home devices, but over the last two weeks, they both disconnect almost once a day. This is extremely frustrating. Is anyone else experiencing issues?
  8. No I haven't tried yet, but I just went to 'Settings > LAN Setup > Address Reservation > Add device' and added all the devices that keep disconnecting. Is that the right way to do it?
  9. When I come home from work my Google Home devices around the house would randomly disconnect. I've searched to see if it's Google Home related and tried all the settings they recommend here , but it's still happening. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Not easy to do, but not impossible... will report back once done.
  11. Yes I've tried this on both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz... only having issues with the PS4.
  12. So is it also normal that it drops to 0 and Twitch buffers on PS4, but not on other devices? 😶
  13. Please take a look at the attached images. In both cases, excess sharing is enabled. The image named 'overview' was watching Twitch on the PS4 Pro with 100% bandwidth allocation, and nothing else using bandwidth. The Network overview shows this saw tooth profile with the download constantly dropping, mostly close to 0, causing it to buffer. The image named 'chromecast' was watching Twitch on my Chromecast with 5% bandwidth allocation (PS4 set to 20%, with all other connected devices equal at 5%) connection still going up and down, but stays high enough not to buffer.
  14. Hi The PS4 is connected wirelessly using the 5Ghz network. (More on this below) I set my smart TV to use 15% and my PS4 to use 20% of the bandwidth allocation with all other devices equal. Excess Bandwidth Allocation sharing is enabled. No other devices were using a lot of bandwidth while trying to stream on the PS4. As mentioned, my laptop and mobile could stream without issues. I have a concern about the connection strength (and speed) on the 5Ghz network. I'm only getting 90% connection strength, where on my cheap old 2.4Ghz router is would get 100% strength. (Both devices are the in same locations as before.) Is there a way to confirm the beamforming is working as expected? I truly expected the 5Ghz with beamforming to outperform the old 2.4Ghz router I had. I'll try the two suggestions and report back ASAP.
  15. Hi guys, I have a 20mb/20mb fibre connection and I'm trying to watch twitch on my PS4, but for some reason it keeps buffering and just doesn't seem to use the full network speed available. My prioritisation is just normal as I use it for gaming. Anti-Bufferbload is 90%/60% and set to detect high priority traffic. I tested streaming on my laptop, phone and through chromecast, everything works without buffering or significant frame dropping. Could anyone please suggest a solution?
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