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  1. I recently got my Netduma R1 and my ISP has told me multiple times that I have a static IP that cant be changed unless I go into their store and swap out the modem with a new one. I've been hearing that it might be possible to change the IP via mac cloning, but im not entirely sure on how to do this. I attempted once but it didn't seem to work. I went into WAN settings. Enabled Mac Address Clone. Typed in a different MAC address. Clicked Apply. Shut off router and modem for 3 minutes or so, but my IP is still the same. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Hi everyone, Im playing Destiny 2 on Xbox one. Just curious what the best settings for the Netduma are. Not worried about other devices in the house. Im also using the VPN on the router via Express VPN Im located in California (U.S). Download Speed 1000 mbps. Upload Speed 12mbps. I would appreciate any advice! Thanks
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