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  1. If I set upload limit to 0.2MB, it still allows the device to use 0.5MB upload bandwidth. Does this make it clear?
  2. I have a Netgear Nughthawk XR500 with the latest firmware (as of this morning). I need to limit the upload/download limit of a set-top box and other devices at certain times. For the same of example, let's say I have 10Mbps download limit and 1Mbps upload limit from my ISP (that is my line speed). Now for the set-top box, I want to limit it to 200K for upload. To test the settings, I have removed all other devices from my router and no other device will use any upload or download (nothing is connected). I have disabled "Share Excess Bandwidth" in both upload and download options of QoS. The upload limit is set to .2 (200Kbps) for the set-top box. When the upload resumes, the upload traffic from the set-top box creeps up to 0.5/0.6 Kbps (observed via network monitor tab). If I increase the limit to 1MBps, it takes it all and creeps all the way to 1MBps. I have tried changing the anti-bufferbloat options to never also. To test it further, I tried same experiment with my PS4 and XBOX and they show same behaviour. So my question is: Is there a soft-limit of 0.5KBps for upload and download on the router? Thanks, Immy
  3. I have xr500 and destiny 2 geo filter works but most of the time I have to use strict mode for my UK based matches. The problem is that I don't think minimum of 69 miles is useful in greater London as it pretty much matches you with someone who is in a fire team and drags their whole team from China in the game! The goeip is probably not accurate to the last mile anyway so matchmaking is also inaccurate. For my xr500 geo filter settings Xbox x on static IP. Filtering mode on with my location in greater London and 69-300 miles. Strict mode is on. My problem is whether the range can be stricter. Any advise?
  4. @Zennon Awesome, that did the trick. Turned off console, turned off router. Left everything for 5 mins. Started router. Waited for 5 mins and turned on XBOX. Geo filtering is working. Thanks for the help everyone!
  5. Just tried it, no difference at all. Same blank geofilter screen in a Destiny PvP active match with 12 people.
  6. No, there is nothing on the map even when I zoom out to the max. I have double checked and triple checked the Mac address and its the same.
  7. Hi @Netduma Fraser Here are the screenshots. I've also included the options settings. This is during an active PvP match in Destiny (my friend is playing on the XBOX while I took these screenshots).
  8. Hi @Netduma Fraser, I have tried that and restrater the router. It made no difference and still don't see any hosts during game play and there is no report on filtering.
  9. Thanks @BIG__DOG @Netduma Admin for the suggestion. I tried it but it did not make any difference. I even tried taking the XBOX off the network, deleting it from device list and restarting the XBOX. After this I added the XBOX in geo filtering again and tried your steps again just to be sure it's a clean config. No difference and I still can't see anything in the geo filtering list during active game play also. I am trying Destiny 2 now as it's hybrid during matchmaking but once a session/match starts its p2p. Let me know if there' s something else I can try.
  10. Hello, Thanks for the speedy response. I tried to be as detailed as possible so glad I was close :) My XBOX is only connected with wired connection and never configured with wireless setup. It does not appear offline (see screenshot below) The hosts not appearing is while game play with other people (6-12 players). Some of them I even know to live in Florida (I'm in UK) so they definitely should not connect as my filtering range is limited to Europe. I don't see any offline device as xbox, I even checked all connected devices and compared the MAC addresses to check if these are from my XBOX but no clashes there also. Changing to filtering mode makes no difference and host list is empty during active gameplay. Let me know what else I can try. Thanks
  11. Hello, I just installed the Nighthawk XR500 router in my home. I have an ISP modem (sky sr102) and nothing except the xr500 is connected to it. All devices in house connect to xr500. My Xbox one X is connected via cable to xr500 and NAT is open as I set my xr500 as a DMZ server in my ISP router and XBOX has static IP. My group filter is not working and the screen shows no hosts on the map when I'm playing games like Destiny or GTA. XBOX device is listed as XBOX in devices. Geo filtering is set to spectate, profile is set to Destiny and yet I don't see any remote hosts or ping detials. The screen just remain blank. I am using Chrome browser also on a Mac so no issues with browser. I have the latest firmware as the router installed it automatically yesterday. Please can you help with the configuration of geo filtering and let me know why it isn't working?
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