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  1. Yeah sorry for my english. I want to buy the Netduma, but like I said, I don´t know if it will make that much difference. I was more interested in the anti flood thing than the Geo Filter...but again, there is a lot of evidence of people like me who bought and didn´t stop tweaking their routers since, without a permanent "fix", and got frustated
  2. Really It doesn´t represent your real gameplay scenario and its ping spikes. Having a high bufferbloat in this site test doesn´t mean that your are missing shots. I was with A+ in DSL reports and still could win a gunfight head to head in WW2. I just throtled my internet back and had several great games hitmarkers on point. DSL reports was showing bufferbloat test an F. That doesnt make sense I did more tests and came to conclusion there is no relation with the lag in game and DSL reports ping and jitter test. Thats one of the reasons I did not buy the NETDUMA yet, there are a lot of people tweaking their routers and using things like DSL reports as a parameter and doing other things that have absolute nothing to do with ping and lag. Then they came and share their "settings" here. I really don´t know why I don´t get consistent game in call of duty. I´m not talking about doing bad in game, because I had games that I was outplayed and still had fun. My problem is lag, today I was having terrible games, missing all my shots. I just unpluged the ethernet cable and dropped 5 amazing games in a row. after that the lag was just back. Doesn´t matter looks like everything is a temporary fix, I really wanted just the best connection I can get but I has been hard. Does anybody have a suggestion for me ??
  3. I live in Brazil and love playing Call of Duty (the older ones are my favorites) and Battlefield. I dont have a lot of money and if I buy one it will be more expensive because of the taxes. So I really should be careful.. I use a tp link pluged in the ISP router and sometimes get amazing games and others it unplayable (instadeaths). Does Using the Netduma with the Isp affect the performace negatively? Will I have to throtle the router a lot ? Will I have matchmaking problems? Does it really fixes bufferbloat? The geo filter only look for hosts, that means I still can connect in games that have people far away as long as the host is near. Is that right? Thank you very much I appreciate if you can help me I love shooters and just wanted a more stable connection (my kd is stuck in 1.5 =[ )
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