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  1. HOLY, MANAGED TO FETCHED PROFILE Thank you so much edit: although strangely, this seem to only affect CoD ? I don't know why, but if it works, it works, thanks again
  2. Tried it out, unfortunately it doesn't seem to work. I also tried port forwarding it, and it seems like nothing is working
  3. It still trapped at the "Connecting to Online Service" screen and then displays error 4204 for CoD : WWII
  4. Hello, everything is connected wired, and is verified working. I have used other games to test, and apparently it is only the CoD series that I am having issues with I've just disabled geofilters entirely, and the problem still persist
  5. Hello, I've just recently purchased a R1, currently I am facing an issue of being unable to play any Call Of Duty games on the PS4, I am always stuck on the "Connecting to Online Service" screen before an error message appears, and it only affects CoD, and not any other games. I've set the R1 to UPNP on but it still does not help, may I know if anyone faced with this issue before, and how to fix it?
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