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  1. unfortunately, when I select US servers that are the closest the ping is between 160-200 is very bad. I would like if it makes any difference the packages sent from 1492 I can change, if the DNS makes any difference, this play with good conxção in Brazil
  2. Duma team, I've been asking you to help us find a way to get a better detection of hit on the BO4 PS4. After a lot of test studies, we've seen that the problem is not in the drowning of data, there are people who have internets and pings and clearly they take much longer to die. Of course with a good internet and a better ping you die faster and suffer more in the BO4 match. I have to ask for alternatives to circumvent this lag compensation in COD. Because it does not help to have an excellent router and be harmed by the game! Remembering that I am from Brazil and here we only have 1 dedicated server. We can not choose others. because US servers get pinged above 150. It is sad that situation when we invest more, but we are massacred by the game. Enemies who do not spend 1 $ kill faster and always seem to be 1 second ahead. I come here to ask everyone in the community who has any real tip, or solution to this problem of lag compensation, to help and share a solution.
  3. At least one port MUST be chosen. When I select a port, the I can no longer access the router's panel.
  4. I need to include the vlan 100 rule for my wan connection. my provider gave me the following information for connection ppoe PPOE Connection: User: guest Pass: guest Vlan: 100
  5. 195/5000 I get an ONT from internet service. to connect to DUMA OS and DUMA to make the ppoe connection with the VLAN 100 rule. but I can not put the Vlan 100 rule on the wan port of DUMAOS XR500.
  6. does not work ! When I make a vlan bridge on all ports, I can no longer access the router panel, I no longer have how to configure it. I want the router to connect to the internet through vlan 100, I do not want to use it as a bridge
  7. I need help, to configure vlan on the wan port of my router. The data from my internet service provider are Name: guest password: guest Vlan: 100 but only have potion of vlan in group or ports 1 2 3 4, I want to configure in the wan port, normal as before.
  8. Amigo sou do brasil também . não tenho uma boa configuração com o xr500 , me add no ps4 pra jogarmos e conversarmos Minha id Realista-_-
  9. minha id: Realista-_- voce não tem certeza que morre mais rápido ao usar o XR500 ? foda né os caras de internet de padaria fica 2 horas pra morrer .
  10. I am from Brazil, and I bought the purevpn service, on my pc the speed reaches 300mb dow 150mb up, when active on the router it drops to 2mb down, this is wrong, something is locking the connection! This is bad too bad, help please. I tested more than 10 servers and all with the same problem, I switched TCP UDP ports, nothing else works.
  11. I'm going to make a series of videos like hit detection always of the advantage for other people.
  12. I live in Brazil and I have the same problem, bo4 I die for weak weapons, playing blackout with level 3 colection morro easier than all, we need to find out how the COD compensation lag works, because those who have bad internet and high ping always kill easier
  13. Did you want to know how to limit the band to 1 single device?
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