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  1. yeah, I understand that, but I want to be able to play the google Project Stream version of assasin's creed oddysey via google chrome browser, without the quality of the stream constantly auto dropping (pixelating) on my gaming PC, because netflix 4K movies are playing on another TV in the house. Because its a game being streamed through google chrome browser, it likely appears as normal web browser traffic and the game keeps lagging and pixelating unless I stop the other devices. I want to be able to prioritize ALL traffic of my gaming PC before the sony smartv's netflix app, not just gaming traffic.
  2. The issue I'm having is that with the XR500 I can see no way of setting QOS traffic priority so that Duma Classified games packets are #1 in priority , then , my PS4's all other traffic as #2 priority, then, my gaming PC's total traffic as #3 priority, then all other traffic from other devices in my home (android TV, ipad, google home) unranked so that they are always lower in priority than those top 3 devices . Basically I am asking , how do I do traffic prioritization by device in a ranking scheme, so that AFTER dumaOS classified game packets are given top priority, I can then further stipulate the rank order of whatever devices I want to outrank the others ( so they always get packets before the others ) on the XR500? To clarify, for example, on DD-WRT QOS settings, you can give each individual device in your home by either IP or MAC address the following traffic priorities: Maximum: 100 Premium: 10 Express: 20 Standard: 30 Bulk: 40 (no QoS matched): 0 So, What I want to do with the XR500 is set Duma OS classified games as "premium", my ps4 as "express", my gaming PC as "standard", and all other devices in my home as "bulk". Please let me know if there is a way to do this with the XR500.
  3. I think excluding your local area with strict geo filtering outside from your area, is definitely helpful in COD WW2. The game punishes people with low pings and good connections. The lag comp works against you. Try setting the geo filter radius somewhat away from your location.
  4. Cool, thanks! Yeah I think it would be perfect for less-than hardcore gamers (who don't need really strict control over the geofiltering.) I guess the tricky part to implement it might be to expand the search area fast enough so that games don't give a timeout error, unable to find servers... but, if some type of automatic, compatibility-style geofiltering option can be achieved somehow, I think it would offer many people the best of both worlds: retaining much of the benefits of geofiltering + the added bonus of compatibility with all games without having to reconfigure anything. Looking forward to trying whatever you come up with!
  5. OK thanks, in that case, I'd like a feature that allows me to just let the geo-filter "do its best" and then if it can't find a close server or a low ping server (I believe ping assist is still on the way for the XR500?) then it gradually expands the search area , so that all games are compatible automatically, somehow without having to change geofiltering to spectating mode. I think this feature would be perfect for gamers (who are not AS hardcore as others) who merely strongly prefer closer/lower ping servers, but are totally fine with allowing whatever the game needs to work if it can't find those.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I tried that method of manually clicking, and then permanently setting to allow , whatever icons appear outside the geofilter's circle during matchmaking on the geofilter map , one by one, in various games , not just Titanfall 2, but it doesn't seem to fix the problem. Either I have to encircle the entire USA (and even doing that doesn't help in monster hunter world, btw) or turn off geofiltering for Titanfall 2.
  7. On titanfall 2 on the PS4, I have tried different data centers to make sure before posting, what keeps happening is that a match is found, and it says connecting to match, and i see the match loading. THEN, all of a sudden it sends me back to the main menu (where you choose single player or multiplayer) with an error ! (connection to server timed out), every single time. I can only get titanfall 2 to work on PS4 if I disable the geofilter or increase its radius (normally set to 500 miles) to encircle the entire USA, on the XR500 (east coast USA).
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. Ok, I will switch to spectating mode on the geofilter every time I want to play it online. In the future though, I would appreciate the ability to permanently exempt specific PS4 games from the geofilter if they are unsupported by it, if possible, rather than have to constantly switch between filtering and spectating mode on the router config page.
  9. Oh I see, so even if strict mode is enabled, dedicated servers can still be contacted outside of the radius, as long as they are added to the database (the refresh cloud updates that database of allowed servers, I assume). Thanks for the info.
  10. If a game that I want to play on PS4 isn't working right with the geofilter , I would like to be able to create an exception for that game so that I don't have to turn the geofilter off for all games (by switching to spectating mode). This feature would be useful for games that are having trouble working online with the geofilter turned on, say for casual games that are not so lag-dependent. I noticed you have an option to uncheck "strict" geofiltering , which I thought might help with this , but it doesn't seem to?
  11. Please update the XR500's geo-filter with servers for Monster Hunter World for Playstation 4, right now the multiplayer is unplayable (unable to connect) if PS4 is in filtering mode. I have to disable geo filter by switching the xr500 to spectating mode for it to work (east coast USA, 500 mile radius).
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