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  1. You setup a DHCP reservation based on a MAC address. So those devices will always get the same IP address from your DHCP Server (router). I assume that is what Big__Dog meant.
  2. Didn't realize you could manually update the max speed. Good tip. Thanks!
  3. Followup Enabled Antibufferbloat Allocated 90% of total 400Down/Up No change Disabled Anitbufferbloat No change Alienware 15” dedicated gaming laptop Wired connection direct to the router Killer 1Gbp Gaming NIC Clean boot up. Nothing else running. 1% bandwidth allocation = 19Mbps Down/ 116Mbps Up 50% bandwidth allocation = 57Mbps Down/ 133Mbps Up Disconnected all other wired devices from router Turned off WIFI at the router Alienware is only machine connected on the entire home network 50% bandwidth allocation = 60Mbps Down/ 110Mbps Up Rebooted router. Rebooted Alienware Alienware is only machine connected on the entire home network 50% bandwidth allocation = 406Mbps Down/ 282Mbps Up Readded gaming switch 50% bandwidth allocation = 442Mbps Down/ 341Mbps Up Readded all other wired devices 50% bandwidth allocation = 449Mbps Down/ 336Mbps Up Re-enabled wireless 50% bandwidth allocation = 443Mbps Down/ 266Mbps Up Reset QOS distribution 2% bandwidth allocation = 234Mbps Down/66Mbps Up So I guess the old IT adage "did you try rebooting" applied here. Odd thing is, the router was just rebooted 2 days ago. I will monitor speeds over the next few days.
  4. I see this too. I have a 1Gig symmetric fiber internet connection. I am using SmartConnect on wifi. The router says it only has 400Mbp up and down, but a Speed test directly from the modem shows 800ishMbp up and down. (speedtest.net) with my old Netgear R7900P my wired gaming pc was showing 400Mbps, my phone was showing 200Mbps With the XR500 I only get about ~80Mbps on each. I've tried adjusting QOS to give a single device more (or ALL) the bandwidth, but the speed doesn't change significantly after applying the changes. iPhone X, with 2% of bandwidth (interface shows 6Mbps) ... Speedtest shows 81.1Down/60.9 Up iPhone X with 50% of bandwidth (interface shows 200Mbps) ... Speedtest shows 72Down/60.3 Up Tried power cycling wifi on the iPhone; same results Device Manager shows iPhone connected on 5Ghz. Tried wifi on my 2017 MacBookPro 15" with High Sierra as well. I can see I am connecting via 802.11ac, transmit rate up to 600Mbps from my Wifi details Mac has clear line of sight to the router. They are about 15' from each other. Open room, no obstructions. Speedtest shows 96.1Down/34Up The Network Monitor shows no other devices on the home network else using more than 1Mbps
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