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  1. I had to keep rebooting it because the ethernet light was amber after every reboot. And from my experience you have to reboot this router at least once a week or everything slows down. When my roommate and I were playing an online shooter about a year ago we would have to reboot the router every night before we started playing and sometimes have to leave the group to reboot only a couple of hours in.
  2. I have had the same problem the last three times I rebooted my spectrum internet modem and router. What has worked for me was to disconnect the ethernet cable from the modem before rebooting the modem. It obviously shouldn't matter and you shouldn't have to do this but this was the only thing that worked for me. The first time it happened I was having problems with the connection and thought my internet was down. The next morning I tried rebooting the modem and plugging directly into my iMac and the internet worked. Rebooted everything 3 days ago cause internet was slow (despite speed test giving good results, I have 400 down and 20 up) and my roommate said jokingly " So the internet will be down for 45min to an hour?" He was correct cause even though I knew the trick of unplugging the ethernet from the modem I had to reboot several times to get everything to work. I really regret buying this router and my roommate is pissed that he split the cost of this router. Praying that the new firmware will fix all the problems with this router cause for the money spent its hard to justify getting rid of it but I have thought about just trashing it a few times and replacing it.
  3. So I updated to the newest firmware and the wireless speed seems much more consistent. Still trying to decide if I should go ahead and restore the router and setup again. If so what is the recommended way to restore? I seem to remember reading about doing a factory reset three times in a row. Any suggestions?
  4. So Everything seems to be better with the beta firmware I was given. Nest cam has only dropped connection a couple of times and only the harmonyhub in my garage constantly looses connection (I assume its just a weak spot for the wifi but its ok as the hub still works) and most importantly my nest thermostats have not lost connection. I noticed this morning that the wifi on my iphone x was a-lot slower that normal so I did a few speedtest. I have Charter Spectrum cable internet 100 mbps down. Garage 34.4 mbps down and 9.08 mbps up Upstairs bedroom 18.0 mbps down and 8.01 mbps up Kitchen (30 feet from router) 37.4 mbps down and 9.47 mbps up Standing two feet from router 46.6 mbps down and 9.41 up Rebooted router and ran again as soon as router was back up when six feet from router 110.0 mbps down and 7.68 mbps up (also fast.com on my macbook pro connected to wifi reported 110 mbps down also) 51 minutes later speedtest app on phone is reporting 53.8 down and 9.74 up (six feet from router) Garage 17.2 mbps down and 2.58 mbps up Bedroom 33.3 mbps down and 9.52 mbps up Tried rebooting router again and am getting between 60-70 mbps (6 feet from router) on both iphone x and macbook pro. Qos was set to "when high priority traffic detected" (70 mbps is normal when qos is being used). Tried setting qos to "never" just to rule out that maybe it is limiting my speed when not being used but still getting between 60-70 mbps down. Does this seem normal? As soon as i rebooted i was getting 110 mbps down but now can only get 60-70 mbps even with qos disabled. Iphone and macbook are connected to the 5 ghz wireless. ***Edit*** So I went upstairs and rebooted the modem (Netgear CM 600) purchased at the same time as xr500 router. Connected modem directly to Imac with cat 6 cable. Ran 6 test in a row on speedtest.net and was getting between 213-216 mbps down and 11 mbps up. Fast.com reported between 190-210 mbps down after 6 test in a row. I only pay for 100 mbps down but maybe charter bumped up the speed without telling me. Trying to update connection in duma os but noticed when I go to setup wizard I keep getting an error "problem detecting the internet connection" ***Edit2*** Rebooted xr500 again and am consistently getting 60 mbps down with iphone x and macbook pro from 6 feet away from router. Where exactly in duma os do I update the speed settings? ***Edit 3*** So finally got duma os setup wizard to recognize that there is an internet connection. Ran speed test (in duma os setup wizard) and it reported 214 down and 11 up. Clicked on qos and the settings seemed to take effect. Ran 3 test on fast.com 1st 130 down (excited figured its heading in the right direction). 2nd test 45 down (WTF) 3rd test 58 down. Ran 3 test on speedtest.net 1st 48 down and 11 up, 2nd 54 down and 11 up, 3rd 28 down and 11 up. WTF is up with this? Connected directly to the modem Im getting 215 mbps. Does a factory reset seem in order? ***Edit 4*** Pulled Airport extreme out of the closet and connected. (Six test in a row From macbook pro 6 feet from router) fast.com reports 210 down 220 down 210 down 230 down 220 down 220 down six test in a row from speedtest.net (from macbook pro 6 feet from router) 212-217 mbps down and 11-12 mbps up. 6 test in a row on speedtest app on iphone x (6 feet from airport extreme) 212-214 down an 11-11.8 up (mbps)
  5. I have not noticed My nestcam or thermostats loosing connection since the beta firmware but my harmonyhub in my garage keeps loosing connection (not a huge deal). All the gaming benefits aside a $300 router should work at least as well as the Airport extreme it replaced that was probably 4-5 years old. I still have faith that it will get sorted out with a firmware update but this router should not have been released in the state it is in IMO. The first xr500 I bought was used on amazon and had the same problems so I thought maybe it was defective but replaced it with a brand new unit from Micro center while on sale and learned that the used router from amazon was not defective. Now I kind of wish I would have kept the one from amazon as its east to return an item to them. Still rebooting every night before we play and crossing fingers.
  6. So for the last 4 or 5 days I have not restarted the router and things seemed to be a little better. Last night roommate complaining because his bullets aren't registering so I rebooted the router and He proceeded to go 7-1,6-1,5-1 kdr on the next 3 games. And please tell me devices connected to wifi will stop disconnecting with the next firmware update. Nest cam drops connection all the time (not a huge deal) but our nest thermostats keep dropping connection (It was 109 in Texas yesterday) and roommate woke up from nap with the house at 79 degrees and nest app informing him that both thermostats lost connection. fyi in the four years Ive owned the thermostats they have never lost wifi connection with Airport Extreme router. A $300 router should work as well or better that a 4 year old Airport Extreme. If you have a beta firmware that might help with the wifi issues I would like to try it if possible.
  7. Will do. In the future if we were playing different games would I change the settings you suggested back to default? I thought the Duma classified game setting was supposed to automatically recognize console games. Will post back tonight or tomorrow and let you know if it works better. Oh and if I need to reboot the router do you recommend just pulling the power or restarting with the app?
  8. The best ping I ever saw was 43ms last night but pretty sure some in the group we were playing were using a lag switch as the gameplay was terrible. Once again could just be the fact that the game uses p2p instead of dedicated servers.
  9. Changed geo filter to spectating mode When adding consoles manually should i choose "games console" under the basic settings? Does it matter that under traffic prioritization the service is detected as xbox? the ping seems to be around 70ms every time I check but this game also uses p2p instead of dedicated servers so I assumed this might be normal. thanks for the suggestions.
  10. Myself and My roommate both play Ghost Recon Wildlands pvp on the ps4 and Im having some problems I hope can be sorted out. Originally I had a Airport extreme as our primary router and after reading online about the best way to configure settings for two ps4's on the same network with the apple router I learned that the apple router was not the best for online gaming. Several people reported having great luck using a netgear ac1900 router with the NAT filter set to open. I bought one on Amazon and it seemed to work much better. While within the return period I learned of the xr500. It seemed to be the holy grail so I went ahead and returned the ac1900 and bought a xr500 from Amazon. I also decided to replace my modem (Arris TM 1602) with a Netgear cm600 as I read about a problem with the arris and the puma chipset. For the most part it seemed to work better but after about a week we started having problems with the gameplay. It seemed when we were playing that one of us would have a great connection and the other would not. Originally I thought It was just my roommate bitching because he was just not having a good game but after about a week I realized that rebooting the router would result in both of us having a very good connection (and roommate going from no kills to a 7:1 kdr) and improved gameplay. Now it has become a necessity to reboot the router before we play every night as if I dont 9 out of 10 times one of us have connection problems (bullets registering and lag) So currently connection is charter spectrum> Netgear cm600 modem> Xr500 router all devices connected to xr500, Nat filter set to open, Qos enabled when high priority device detected, Geo filter set for USA, Anti buffer bloat set to 70%. We both get open NAT in Ghost Recon Wildlands and connection test in ps4 checks out. As an experiment I have tried turning off wifi on the router while we play but did not seem to make any difference. Odd problems I have noticed: About a week ago while playing I checked the QOS setting and noticed that instead of both playstation consoles having priority that there were two devices that I did not even recognize on my network that had priority. I changed it back to the consoles having priority but did not notice much of a difference. Also I have noticed in the last couple of days that multiple devices in the network keep changing device type to playstation. I have been changing them back as I find them thinking maybe that is causing problems. Several devices on the network keep dropping connection, Harmony hubs and nest cam outdoor seem to be the main problem (I read that a future firmware update should correct this). Now after return period has expired My roommate is pissed off as he split this $300 gaming router with Me per my recommendation and is wanting me to change router back to Airport extreme as we truly had a better gameplay experience but Im telling him it should get sorted out with a firmware update. Im on the most current firmware btw. When rebooting the router (on a nightly basis now) I have been using the Netgear app on my phone but notice that sometimes I have to reboot more than once for everything to be stable. Would it be better to just pull the power when rebooting? Both consoles are connected directly to the router with cat 6 cable. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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