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  1. Seems like only a few who probably don’t really know how to configure or use there router. The router does work well when it connected to a good stand alone modem and configured well.
  2. http://forum.netduma.com/topic/25265-is-the-dumos-update-out-for-the-netduma-r1-yet/?do=findComment&comment=183839
  3. Lets keep in topic. What others do with there own bought hw is of no concern of yours. If your going to post, be helpful in postings and not a troll. I dont see you over on the linksys forums complaining about how the wrt users made the wrt32x Firmware work on the wrt1900acm when they found out the two router hardware was the same. Shame shame basketscase!!! I’ll recommend that the moderators please remove basket cases posts as there not helpful at all and siting his trolliness!
  4. Old info; http://forum.netduma.com/topic/19113-dumaos-development-update/?do=findComment&comment=130205
  5. It's clear to me and others, that Sci0n has ZERO knowledge, and experience in what he's talking about. Seems that he's had a bad experience either with his router or really doesn't know how to set up or use routers well at all. He is only one and really his opinion doesn't matter. We can all guess that for him, PEBKAC. I for one had the XR500 and had zero issues with it. I good friend of mine bought his shortly after I got mine and has been raving about it since. Others have had good experiences as well. Seen some issues in recent FW however. Nothing to the extreme that Sci0n claims. The XR500 is a solid router. Users experiencing FW problems, try downgrading to initial FW. This was a good version if your really having problems. Now regarding the R1, I believe that the folks at NetDuma were nice to mention or at least post about the R1 and what was happening. I think that they should have not made a date or time frame on when it would be made available or delay time frames, as it seems to have set a bad precedence, as it seems to have gone past this and seems to be and probably will bite them in the rear. That one thing that most other router Mfrs don't do and make mistakes with is FW release time frames. They release when they release. It's up to them to make FW updates available and at there discretion, not under false presumption demands by users. It would be nice to to use my R1 and see how it works with the OS. Right now, it's back in the box and not usable for my networking and gaming needs. Having multiple game consoles on line at the same time all playing the same game does not support OPEN NAT for CoD games which the R1 can't support at the moment. I'm waiting patiently hoping the new OS will.
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