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  1. Can we expect any update on a fix post mid / late February? Pretty much unusable since it leaks DNS :(
  2. I'm having a specific issue with my purchased XR500 at current. This issue is reproducible on the stable current release firmware and the beta firmware issued by private message. My ISP requires a VLAN tag of 100 in order for it work along with a static IP address, internet is working once manually configured. The main issue is any hardwired devices on the LAN for example my media server and/or other devices like a raspberry pi can be pinged but time out when trying to access them through a web UI. Network shares also exhibit this issue under Windows and time out not being able to connect. I have performed full resets of the router, reboots of the media server and I am still unable to access them once I use a VLAN tag group setting of 100. Any insight into this issue would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Can I grab the latest firmware to try as well Fraser. I assume this a new build compiled or was it still the same V2.2.1.10-DBG-XR356-180522a from a month ago?
  4. I seem to also be having this issue Fraser, would it be possible to grab the firmware as well? I take it this fix will be included in the next major firmware release for this product?
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