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  1. the 2.3 version..plz help me...didnt get kicked all night and now its happening
  2. i updated to the recent firmware for my xr 500 and im still getting connection drops any suggestion ..im on xnox one x and it drops and comes back ..its doen it twice today just randomly ..my power setting is on energy savings on my xbox i had to go back to 2.4 bc it kept dropping every 10 mins
  3. How high of speeds can it handle ..just found out I can get speeds at 900mbps
  4. any one still getting disconnects..its only been twice so far after the reset and update..
  5. After the update I’m still getting the wired disconnects..it’s getting frustrating at this point
  6. when i got off work it said i had no connection ..rebooted it fixed it ..went to bed got up the same thing..is there a timer to shut off my routers connection after a certain time plz..help..i have wifi when it does this..
  7. nvmd i bought it ..hopefully it can handle my speeds
  8. would the nighthawk be able to handle those speeds..if so ill buy it
  9. my speed thru them r 460 dwn and 22 up..i put400 and 20 in the cc..and my speeds r no where near that thru thru the r1
  10. called my internet provider..and got my speeds increased..and i reput my info in the congestion control and my speed r cut in half ..plz help ...my speeds thru there modem r fine but its not working thru the r1 duma
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