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  1. I bought a router from a company that had never made a router before.... Netduma R1 turned out to be one of my best purchases I had ever made back when I got it. As for the DEHP, there are fragrances that use this chemical too so I'm not really worried about the risk. The warning would just be legal matter, just like making an OS backwards compatible. I am not intending to ever purchase the Razer router but you cannot deny that competition from a major electronics manufacturer like Razer is something Netduma and Netgear would ignore.
  2. Hoping the pressure that the new Razer gaming router will bring will hopefully speed up the process of releasing DumaOS.
  3. You are deliberately antagonising people, and sweet of you to do some research. My account was actually mistakenly marked as spam and was dutifully reinstated thanks to the mods on here.
  4. "Reminder: Attempting to incite disharmony in the forum can result in a ban."
  5. This same issue happens for lots of people on the R1, will we ever see a fix for it?
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