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  1. Thanks for the reply my r1 was overheating because i remember touching the router it was hot. i am using pppoe to connect to the internet.
  2. Hi can anyone tell me what these errors are and how to resolve them
  3. Hi Fraser the feature I'm referring to is PPPoE after downgrading the firmware I still disconnect a few times not as much as v2.3.2.32
  4. Hi, I had to downgrade back to firmware V2.3.2.22 because my isp has the features blocked on the ONT at this point I'm waiting for a beta firmware from Netgear.
  5. I have been speaking to my ISP they said that I cant enable PPPoE details into the ONT?
  6. I had more disconnects after resetting the XR500 PPPoE has dropped 39 times in one day according to my ISP. I also connected the ONT to the desktop it works fine??
  7. frequent disconnects again with my wired connection on firmware
  8. Hi Im currently playing Advanced Warfare on the xb1 the ID is 61c0d8a35d00a3a8 with a distance of 2133 km 61c0d8a35d00a3a8 61c0d8a35d00a3a8 61c0d8a35d00a3a8
  9. I always have a connection outside of my radius showing up when I connect to Australia?
  10. There is one device getting disconnects that is the Xbox One I will try DHCP reservation as I had already reset.
  11. Hi, I'm getting random disconnects on Firmware .
  12. my network is having disconnections with the xr500 can I please try the firmware??
  13. Every method I tried didn't work. Netgear sent me a beta firmware for the VLAN issue still had no luck with that beta Firmware ??
  14. I think i may have found a workaround to the VLAN issue for fibre i have just purchased a Netgear GS105E/200 v1 ProSafe Plus 5-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch that is capable of VLAN can the switch get a ip address from the ONT so i can use vlan from the switch to give the XR500 an IP address will this work ??
  15. my connection does not require PPPoE and my upload is set correctly without errors. https://imgur.com/CzBWSkt
  16. Traffic Prioritization is on default settings.
  17. Qos is not disabled https://imgur.com/xAmnS8F
  18. Hi my anti-bufferbloat slider for upload will not work at all on version my settings currently are apply always for anti-bufferbloat and i have the slider set to 5% for upload but it still gives me 500up i pay for 1000 down and 500 up with vodafone on a fibre connection.
  19. Smart connect was disabled i ran the speedtest again and still getting around 25mb on 2.4ghz unfortunately i cant run 5ghz on these laptops i ran a test with a fritzbox7490 and i get around 38 to 44 down which is good.
  20. - tested speeds on speedtest.net - my parents are using toshiba laptops running Wifi when i test with Ethernet cat6 it reached 95down and up with the laptops - My isp ont is a Huawei echolife HG8240H nz model - my gaming desktop hardwired gets speeds of 957down and 554up
  21. my wifi is so slow with xr500 i would like speeds higher than 25 considering ive got 1000down and 500up
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