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  1. You should use the actual Apex servers with Ping Plotter. Find a list here (with ping status). https://titanfall.cf/status/r2 Remember you can also see ping and packet loss status for each regional Apex server from the title screen after waiting 2 minutes
  2. I experience part chat drops out on PS4 Pro with my XR500. If I swap my router for my old Zyxel this does not happen. When using the speed test function on PS4 it reports the router is fragmenting packets which means some services will not be supported. Assume this is affecting my party chat. My PS4 Pro is LAN cabled, MTU testes at 1492 and 1500, always full rebooted (not use in rest mode). I want to like this router but it seems to have issues I don’t see on other kit. Thanks
  3. I find it impossible to use the management interface on an iPhone or iPad. Pages do not render theme correctly when you scroll and any selection boxes such as adding a device to geo filter do not scroll to allow you to select an entry and confirm. Any ideas? Just me?
  4. the router looses Internet connection as shown in the connection status so everything connected to the router looses connection.
  5. Cheers Fraser. I've applied the firmware but still getting the disconnects. Any ideas? BTW. This is HappyLittleChap, I can't login with my Twitter ID, error on your logon page. Had to create a new account.
  6. Hi, My XR500 is dropping my Internet connection about 5-6 times per day and it seems to be getting worse. Is this likely to be an XR500 or ISP issue? Only seemed to start happening after I upgraded to latest firmware. Cheers
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