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    plb reacted to Ruxomar in ANNOUNCEMENT: DUMAOS 3.0 IS HERE   
    after 5 years i'm very tired of all this ...  this is a very summarized version of my personal experience with this Company.  
    in late 2015 i got the R1 which served the purpose on ADSL connection and somewhat controlled few aspects of my gaming, years went by as NetDuma empty promises over and over and Over. Yet technology improved so internet for most part as ISP had at least here in Europe comply with whatever was going on around them so connections got a lot better so wifi-routers (Netduma functionalities becomes obsolete) ... Now one day we've been informed of a partnership with Netgear which sure has some good hardware but never ever had good service nor maintenance (Software is obnoxious) on wifi-routers so to me all this sounded kinda of fishy ... but nevertheless said hey maybe they have a chance to redeem themselves, so for NetDuma which that point filled us with empty and painful waiting and a promised land that never came (the infamous new Beta version ...  Anyone remembers).... Still on faith i tried extensively the xr500 and then the xr700 which both have great hardware potential but neither have demonstrated software wise any of that ... not going to sit here and list all the problems that both have cuz frankly is embarrassing especially on security side (not Netduma fault for most part .. i know) Still updates are nonexistent as Netgear customer service  ... So gave away both routers to the shop and got an Asus RT-AX88U installed merlin and finally forgot it all about it ... back to the real world ...  Now this PR stunt all over again in spite of all that had already happened.. once again Netgear get it first then maybe the outdated R1 and all comes down to a Beta which gives at first look of what ? Really !!! Geo fencing and few other things justify all this waiting all over again ?  and you guys already working on 3.1 ... seriously... come on guys... You cannot even get a 3.0 Beta out properly and to you say we already working on 3.1.. hellooo... is this for Real !!!  Not to mention all the PR from Netgear when you buy the router which none ever happened, but hey we promised you something so wait for it ...  I don't know why i even wrote this post, maybe got really frustrated by this complete non sense (False Marketing and PR) or just maybe had to get it all out once and for all ... and put my R1 in his original box full of promises and wait to become what should already been ... Still Just my humble opinion on Company that has a very Unique idea/way on how to treat loyal or new customers ... 
    So long 
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    plb reacted to xtentions in XR500 Firmware version released.   
    So let me see if I have this straight.
    I was running the .40 firmware just fine for the many many months we were on that release.
    Stupidly I had the router set to auto update the firmware and woke up to my internet being down.
    I work from home.  rebooted the router and internet restored for a few hours then down again. rebooted and it worked until I was off work and could deal with the faulty firmware.
    Factory reset the router, reverted back to .40 then factory reset and re-upgraded to .56 factory reset again and reconfigured the router and all was fine.
    Came to website to see if there were anyone else with these issues and see a post from netduma employee that there is a blog post coming to explain the road map forward "next week"
    Meanwhile my xr500 is still not stable and has to be rebooted every few days,
    "Next Week" arrives no blog post coming soon the coming next week again.
    xr500 still having issues finally wife says do something other than reboot so I revert back to .40 because it was stable for so long I mean 9 months since the last update right? factory reset but no time to reconfigure again.  Put my old R7800 back into service for now.
    Next week arrives blog is still coming we are told then out of blue same employee says he is a noob and should not have posted and now blog post is coming but "hit some snags"
    Does this company have no integrity?
    Can you not update your customers in a timely manner?
    We already know you are incapable of providing updated or even bug fixed firmware in a timely manner.
    I am so super disappointed with this router and Netduma in general.
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    plb reacted to Killhippie in No milestone 1.4 announcement?   
    Netgeasr cant predict when Netgear is releasing a firmware update
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    plb reacted to peanut183 in Xr500 firmware updates   
    This. I broke my own vow to not buy another Netgear product when I saw this router come out. I thought, "Hey, someone else doing the software!!! Cool, maybe I can rely upon this 3rd party to keep the system up to date." The jury is in. Nope. Another abandoned Netgear product. Shame on me.
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    plb reacted to Killhippie in Xr500 firmware updates   
    On the 18th of July it will be 7 months since an update has dropped for the XR500. Netduma's mood towards Netgear seems very distant right now but without some transparency this is all guess work. If Netgear and Netduma have parted company and Netgear are reaching end of support for their AC routers it would be good to know so I can sell the router and move on. Its buggy, QoS does not always work as it should, network mapping gets confused, the Geo Filter seems to do not much any more, UPnP has never populated for me in over a year. It only did on one of the early firmwares and thats not good as you cant go back due to lots of security issues. I think a statement about whats going on is needed for people that Own Netgear/DumaOS devices so they can move forward if these routers are not going to get regular updates. I'm not waiting seven months for the next update when this one finally drops that's for sure! Communication does not seem to be Netduma's strong point or Netgears and that just hurts the user base.
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    plb reacted to Blur in Auto BufferBloat, Ping testing, Anti Jitter ...   
    Would be awesome is we get :
    1- Auto BufferBloat or an easier way to detect the ultimate bufferbloat setting for each person.
    2- "Dont Share connection" for specific devices at the QOS settings while all others share the connections together.
    3-We would like to have that accurate PING test done by the router that the R1 had and for some reason it was removed.
    4- Anti jitter 
    5- Auto connection speed detection
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    plb reacted to Zippy in Xr500 firmware updates   
    I totally agree here... Ive seen slow firmware updates before on other brand routers as well but not like this... This approach we have now here with the XR500 is not the right approach at all. When there are issues that can be addressed then they should send out firmware patches once they have them.. Not wait months on end..  Another thing that bothers me is on the Netgear forum I see Netduma posting there to help those with issues.. But I never see Netgear folks post here on Netduma forum.. Theres a disconnect there.. Heres the problem with this current relationship we have here.. If we are on here posting with issues and need further assistance or help we now have to go over there and totally start from scratch with them with issues we are having..  This is extremely important when it comes to a issue where one might need to have there router exchanged for a new one.. Posting here on Netduma doesn't count even though it should..  We shouldn't have to cross post on two forums to resolve issues.. That alone is very problematic.. And by the time one does that there warranty is likely over.. I can easily see this happening..   Moving forward I can only say this.. Anyone new buying a XR500, XR700, and the XR300 id pay close attention to your return policy.. If you get close to your return policy date and are having issues just return the router for a refund.. That will be the safest course of action for yourself.. Don't wait for firmware patches because by that time one could easily run past there warranty timeframe.. And then your stuck!! 
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    plb reacted to Netduma Admin in Mobile App Survey   
    We are making a mobile app for DumaOS!
    If you have 3 minutes spare, please complete this survey to help us make the best app for you.
    Your answers will remain anonymous.
    Begin Survey
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    plb reacted to Netduma Jack in Please read this everyone now for cod mw2019   
    Also a great idea. Man I wish we could just get everything done this second. It'll take some time, but there will be a ton of cool features coming this year
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    plb got a reaction from Zippy in Please read this everyone now for cod mw2019   
    Good idea and it would be nice to have the possibility to untick some ports to not prioritize them anymore 
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    plb got a reaction from Netduma Jack in Please read this everyone now for cod mw2019   
    Good idea and it would be nice to have the possibility to untick some ports to not prioritize them anymore 
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    plb reacted to Netduma Jack in Xr500 needs improving   
    We'd love to work on everything, nothing could come soon enough! Hopefully Milestone 1.4 blows y'all away
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    plb got a reaction from Karma in Bonne année   
    Très bonne année de gaming les mecs
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    plb reacted to patoche2520 in Bonne année   
    Bonne et fructueuse année ,
    Que le Dumaos et le Netduma nous donne a tous autant de satisfactions en 2019.
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    plb reacted to RL317 in Please read this everyone now for cod mw2019   
    Hopefully all of this talk on the subject will keep Kinel's thread bumped for visibility and encourage more votes. It's truly a great idea 😏
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    plb got a reaction from Netduma Admin in Joyeuses fêtes de Noël   
    Merci très bonnes fêtes à tous
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    plb reacted to Herr Papa in bonne fête   
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    plb reacted to Locosano in VPN Client Update?   
    Salut killhippie Netgear à comme même réussi à nous mettre un bug dans la version. 32 (impossible de prioriser les port manuellement) donc leur test poussé sont complètement faux.... Ou alor il y a beaucoup d'incapables dans les testeur netgear...
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    plb reacted to Locosano in Geo-Filter not working for PS4 BO4   
    Salut fraser depuis le début je pense qu'il y a un problème avec la qos du xr500 j'utilise un switch s8000 en plus du xr500 et au final je suis obligé de désactivé la qos du xr500 et mettre 256mb, 256mb sur le s8000, dans cette configuration je n'ai presque aucun retard sur les gameplay et mes résultats sur dsl report et pingplotter sont parfait , alors que si j'utilise la qos du xr500 je ressent un retard sur tous mes gameplay je ne sais pas si le problème vient du dpi ou du double cœur mais il y a quelques chose à modifié de ce côté tous mes test on était sur le serveur de Paris ou mon ping est de 4ms sur ce serveur. Apparemment on est beaucoup à avoir remarqué ce problème quand je lis tous les topic du forum je suis un ancien utilisateur du netduma r1 tout fonctionné bien sur le r1 mais le xr500 la qos a un problème... Ne pas prendre ce message pour une critique mais comme un conseil car on est plusieurs utilisateurs à voir les problèmes de qos sur le xr500
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    plb got a reaction from stevesquaredink in Officially Giving up on this router :/   
    Your answer is unacceptable. These people want to use their router to play they bought it for this reason. It’s been a month since bo4 launch and all you have to do is refreshing your cloud even if it’s a bit every day with info these same people gather for you....
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    plb got a reaction from mitja1980 in Officially Giving up on this router :/   
    Your answer is unacceptable. These people want to use their router to play they bought it for this reason. It’s been a month since bo4 launch and all you have to do is refreshing your cloud even if it’s a bit every day with info these same people gather for you....
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    plb reacted to Mement in NEW FIRMWARE OUT (Netduma R1): DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3   
    I'm happy for the people with the netduma R1 and hope it all works out for you guys without many problems but at the same time as a XR500 user I feel rather let down as someone who bought into the netduma ecosystem thinking i was going to be treated the same as everyone else within the duma army
    first we get the release of the XR700 within such a small time frame after the release of the xr500 and now this i feel we are at the back of the que when it comes to getting fixes/updates/enhancements to our Duma os
    I know nothing can be done at this point for the XR500 owners I know you guys work really hard and have obligations to Netgear but it just sucks to be not able to be going on this journey together
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    plb got a reaction from Netduma Admin in VPN Users Required   
    Me too. I have the xr500
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    plb reacted to hyperj123 in Is this too much to ask for?   
    So I'm a huge fan of Duma OS and I feel like there could be a win win situation here between the developers and the customers. Why not make a marketplace for R Apps and allow the community to develop them. I would imagine something along the lines of:
    User creates R App
    User submits to market place 
    Dev team approves
    App price is split with dev and creator
    This would allow a lot of things to be developed really fast and splitting the profit of the purchases would be mutually beneficial. 
    Obviously there would have to be an agreement and approval of developers they can be trusted with source code etc... And an NDA. 
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    plb reacted to Killhippie in Announcement: DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3   
    Netgear release every 3 months not 6. I will say I feel like the XR500 was the beta unit and the XR700 will get faster updates now, like the much discussed Hybrid VPN, which was given in a separate update to the XR700, yet the XR500 was left without this. I really don't trust Netgear at this point to honour keeping both routers in line with new features. As to the R9000 that router has had so many issues and even now the R7800 has been crippled  with a wi-fi issue  after an update, Netgear seem to be making really bad firmware at this time.

     Netgear have just rehashed two old routers with new shells and added DumaOS which in itself is great, so they are onto a winner charging huge amounts of money for what is technically old hardware. The XR500 hardware is over two and a half years old (Jan 2016 release as the R7800) Netgear just added an extra 128Mb of flash ram and a new casing, the XR700 is literally a R9000 (X10) which came out in November 2016 in the UK, but is now in a new gamer centric casing.  Netgear have done well with old stock and have charged an extra £100 pretty much on each router for having DumaOS and a style overhaul.

     It wont be long before we see the AX router based of the AX12 with DumaOS and that price I bet will be insanely expensive because its "for gamers" not that AX is needed yet but it is the future of Wi-Fi standards which is very important. The XR700 should have had that at least WPA3 for its price. Netgear sure know how to rehash old models for extra money, A sad state of affairs I feel and a buggy launch for the XR700, especially when the XR500 was launched with the ports printed the wrong way round! Netgear cant even get their speedtest to work, and the list of bugs with the XR500 is growing still. As to the Hybrid VPN being MIA on the XR500, its pretty obvious that was pure marketing on Netgears side for the XR700 launch.

     I'm not sure what I'll be buying next but I think I'll be sticking with Netduma and shift away from Netgear.  After all features that were promised almost 9 months ago to XR500 users are now at the time of this post only available if you want to spend another £500 on yet another router, or you can wait for the next update if they add it, take your pick. At least Netduma can push out updates faster and actually listen to their users. Sorry its a bash Netgear post, they do make great hardware but Its simply how I feel having seen the way they have handled the XR500 and the lack of timely updates for its users, and  the fact they pushed a feature on the XR700 that XR500 users were  promised almost 8 months ago simply as a marketing ploy.
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