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  1. After the month long drama of dealing with issue on and off I decided I didn't want to deal with it any longer. I ended up returning returning the XR500 and replacing it with an ASUS RT-AC3100. Thank you for the support admins. I really wanted this to turn out better. I really like interface and a lot of the features offered through your OS software. Who knows maybe I'll give you guys a try again next time around.
  2. I have the Xbox One X wired and the geo-filtering was in spectating when all this occurred. I'll try setting a static IP address for console.
  3. It disconnects with Xbox Live which includes the ability to chat. What do you suggest I try next?
  4. Teredo usually just disables the ability to chat. The last couple nights I've been kicked off Xbox Live and when I go to the network settings it showed only IPv4 when it should have IPv6 too. Below the IPv4 the network detection showed that Teredo error. I rebooted system before rebooting the router and the issue was still there. I tried clicking on the connect to Xbox Live but it wouldn't reconnect to until I rebooted router.
  5. Cool I'll try that. Funny thing I'm getting new Internet on Saturday. I'll have to switch setup to a bridge setting because provider forces you to use their modem/router Argh I'm really getting salty with this router. For the last couple nights I've been experiencing random drops. Tonight I got kicked off Xbox Live at the end of a match and was forced to reboot because the dam Teredo error showed up again. I didn't even have the geo-filter on since I now turn it off nightly as a shutdown routine. This router is requiring too much of my time and is really frustrating. I can taste how good this router can be but, I keep getting bitter. I might have to look at an alternative option.
  6. OK I just did an experiment with a 5 for 5 result. If I have the Xbox One X listed as one of my devices and under filtering mode for geo-filtering i get the Teredo IP address error. If I have no devices listed it works fine. I did zero reboots during this test. So does this mean I basically can't use geo-filtering and miss out on one of the main unique things this router offers?
  7. It's just the Xbox One X (wired) that seems to be having these issues. The other Xbox One setup on wireless hasn't seen the Teredo issues and is on the same Insider program. I'll get off the super early Alpha updates on the Xbox One X I guess. It's just frustrating jumping through all these hoops because I never saw this stuff with my old ASUS RT-N66U I had the last 5 years. I also have friends that have this router and they haven't had to go through this. Thanks for the support. I want to figure this out.
  8. The can't find Teredo address is back. Hard reset everything and still it lingers. After a few hours of working on this. I bought a warranty replacement plan for this router and factory reset it after going through Xbox's tutorials for the Teredo issue. This is frustrating
  9. So far turning of the port triggering and leaving the Upnp active has worked. Still get moterate connection on my wireless connected 2nd Xbox though. I hard reset when i last finished using it so we'll see if it opens up next time it use. Thanks for the pointing out the conflict between Upnp and port forwarding.
  10. Oh I was unaware. I setup the port forwarding out of habit I guess. Every router before this one I had to open the ports so I just looked up ports and added them. I'll make sure to delete them all when I get home later today. Thanks for pointing out the conflict. I have a lot to learn. It's been 5 years since I last messed with my router outside of basic reboots and firmware updates.
  11. I have a modem (Netgear SM500) to router connection and I have Upnp active. Thank you. I have been rebooting each device and hard resetting the console when this issue occurs. Haven't tried waiting very long after shutting it down. I'll give that a try next time it happens. It's just frustrating being a new expensive modem and having to go through this daily. I appreciate the support and look forward to learning more.
  12. I just picked up the XR500 after reading some reviews and from the recommendation of friends. This issue has plagued me daily since getting the router. I keep getting a "Can't find Teredo IP Address" error for my Xbox One X (wired, Alpha updates). I have a Xbox One Day One (Wi-Fi, Alpha updates) in another part of the house and it doesn't get the same issue. It sometimes goes moderate on COD WII though. I also have a PS4 but haven't seen any issues except for it collecting dust. I did set up Port Triggering rather than Forwarding. Could that be part of my issues? It looks like some other people are having similar difficulties but I can't make out where to start. Please let me know if you need additional information. I'm somewhat of a networking noob but I usually figure things out. Thanks, Ken
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