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  1. Well I made it 14 days and then my router for no reason rebooted!
  2. Just wanted to report back in, hotfix is still working like a champ!
  3. Interesting not having this issue, maybe its the cable modem?
  4. Five plus days now no reboots or disconnects. Used to be every day or so and reboot.
  5. Well the Google WIFI has port forwarding broke so its back to my xr500 with this hot fix firmware, I will let you know if its any better If it keeps rebooting will get a hold of netgear
  6. Mine is not dropping out, it reboots every few days on .40 I know this because the router sets in front of me and I see the lights flash and etc as it goes through the reboot and the up time is zeroed out. Will this fix that issue? If not I will leave it offline and shelved till someone has a fix for that
  7. Well I finally gave up on the xr500 and got a simple no frills super stable and secure Google Wifi Got tired of wondering about the xr500, when will it crash, will they ever update it, will it be stable and etc. Life is to short to spend it farting with a Wifi router
  8. Any recommendations? I want something that just works, you forget about it and you do not have to worry about when the latest fix will come out so it will stop rebooting.
  9. been running .32 for nearly two weeks and no reboots strange Made it 16 days then it rebooted on .32 time to get another router
  10. Down grade to .32 its what fixed mine and be sure to tell it not to automatically upgrade.
  11. If you roll back make sure you turn off the auto updating so it will not upgrade it until you want it to
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