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  1. I think it is becoming more common to be DoS'd then you are making it sound, which is frustrating when we have no way to truly tell from our logs or router because the programmers made DoS Attack show up 100 times a day in the log. I get why most "DoS" claims on here are dismissed, but it seems to be pretty relevant as of late. It is possible to obtain an IP address of another user on console using Cain and Abel in an online game lobby or am I wrong? Although still difficult, it seems they can pull the IPs of everyone in the lobby, or of a single person if they join the same Xbox party or receive a message. After lagging out of a ranked game after finishing a round in 1st, then a single IP address shows up multiple times a second in the log as a DoS attack and does not stop, coupled with the entire household internet connection going down for an hour, would that then be considered a true DoS? Why else would all of that occur in one night when in close to a year of owning the router, nothing even close to that has happened? The question that has been spurring me: why are we not able to ban an IP address from communicating with our router? Is there not a way to stop my router from receiving packets from the above IP address?
  2. I used the interface reboot as well when I was having the issue and that didn't work. I tried 1000 down and 1000 up with the slider at 90 and that didn't help any as well. I had heard gaming takes a very small amount of Mbps but having 1Mbps show up in the tests was wild imo. Plus I read the Xbox maxes out at 300Mbps anyways. The only thing that worked was disabling QoS. Prior to this latest firmware upgrade, I had QoS on and had zero issues so I can only imagine it is a bug in the current firmware.
  3. Keeping QoS disabled all afternoon and evening, I was able to game without any lag spikes and my speeds felt like normal so I will just keep QoS disabled until the next firmware comes out.
  4. The issue did line up with the firmware upgrade. I just disabled QoS again and rebooted, tested my speeds and it seems normal. Will try gaming now and see if the lag occurs. Hopefully this works but a shame to lose a feature of the router currently =/
  5. I got the router late spring of 2018. Right away, I had the issue with ethernet devices getting kicked off the network but the firmware you sent me got rid of that problem. I was on that firmware with no issues until last week when I saw in the patch notes something about ethernet devices no longer getting dropped so I figured it was safe to update the router to the most current version and I would also benefit from upgraded security tweaks.
  6. So reading some other posts, I will try turning QoS off again, rebooting, and seeing if that helps just to make sure I am doing this problem justice. If it doesn't work, I will revert to a previous firmware and wait till it gets sorted out because it appears others are having sort of similar issues. Just wanted to get my case on the table as well.
  7. @Netduma Fraser Disabling QoS did not get my speeds back to normal. The only time I got a higher speed was when I had QoS on and set my PC to get max and everything else zero.
  8. Within the past week, my download speeds have majorly gone down and I am getting constant lag spikes in online play that prevents me from playing. There are some events that happened recently that I will list in order because I believe one of them has an impact on the current situation. Setup: XR500 on the latest firmware, Netgear CM700, COX 1Gb internet, wired connection cat 6 (also tried wireless on all the steps below with the same results) So last week, on R6 Siege on Xbox One, everything was 100% fine connection wise. Then after a round of doing very well, my connection suddenly goes to hell and I lag out which I had never had happen using this router. Unable to reconnect, I check the logs since my friend was on the receiving end of a DoS the week before on R6. It is common in the R6 community for players to do that to the other team and I also know it is common for the router to show false DoS attacks. However, this time the time of the attack in the log synced with when I started dropping connection and I was getting a log entry every second saying DoS attack from the same IP address and it would not stop which I had never seen before. So I go through the steps, unplug everything, reboot everything, update to the latest firmware (previously was running a firmware from last May sent to me by one of the techs that prevented Ethernet connected devices from dropping, activate my VPN, and then the attacks stopped happening in the logs. My internet speed was slow (~40Mbps) due to the VPN but I figured it was a step I needed to take in the meantime. The following day I deactivate my VPN service through the new Hybrid VPN section in the new firmware figuring the attacks would be gone and my speed would go back to normal. The attacks were gone but now my download speeds felt like they were still stuck at VPN speeds (this was my first time on the latest firmware so I scoured the setting to see if I somehow left it on somewhere). I ensure VPN is off and reboot everything again to have no change in speed. This was about 5 days ago btw. Since updating firmware and getting attacked, I have been continually lagging (even though my ping is mostly showing 9ms in game) and my internet speeds are incredibly slow compared to what they were 2 weeks ago. I am currently getting anywhere from 1-10Mbps on Speedtest.net wired and wireless connections through a PC. COX speed test said anywhere from 1-110 Mbps wired and wireless. I adjusted the sliders for anti buffer bloat to 70% of 1000Mbps like I have seen suggested and no luck. I tried always, never, and when high traffic is detected.. no luck. I have it set to send unused bandwidth to devices that need it, no luck. QoS is set to prioritize my Xbox and PC. No luck. Factory reset and the newest firmware trick, no luck. COX router signal reset, no luck. Wired or wireless does not make a difference. The only thing that made a difference in download speed was taking every device to zero on the QoS except for my PC and then running a speed test with a wired connection. My speeds shot up to 700Mbps so I thought I was on to something. I set all 5 devices on my QoS appropriately with my Xbox and PC getting over 20% and run a speed test, back down to 1Mbps! How is that possible?! No matter where I moved the sliders to give all of my devices bandwidth, nothing changed except for the one time I took every device off but could not replicate it. I am left wondering what did this firmware do to mess the settings up so badly that I can no longer keep a constant connection or download speed? Did the attack mess me up? Any help is much appreciated. I feel I have troubleshooted as best I can based off of your suggestions on other posts and am still at a loss for where to go from where.
  9. Factory reset complete for the fourth time in 36 hours. Stay tuned for if my Arlo base station drops or not
  10. I will give it a shot when I get home from work. This issue has taken down my security system and I don't have the time to keep playing with an issue this silly.
  11. Loaded the firmware, rebooted, still having the issue.. not good.
  12. Seeing this thread is very disheartening. I just bought this router 3 days ago and have had my two ethernet devices lose connection within hours of reboots. I have an Arlo base station and Xbox connected but both drop connection within a very short time period of reestablishing connection. Reading this thread isn't giving me any hope that I can fix this, nor is the tech support from Netgear who told me to do a factory reset and that "it will fix it, then monitor and we will call you back in 2 days.".... well guess what, it dropped my ethernet connected devices an hour after we hung up! The only thing preventing me from returning this router tonight is the fact that the ASUS gaming router is sold out at all the best buys near me. So before I press order on Amazon for one, is there any hope or communication from Netgear that a fix is coming? Have they even acknowledged this issue? Otherwise this product will be out my door by tomorrow evening. Awesome product overall, wifi is killer, but this is not acceptable.
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