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  1. I had to stop using the Netduma router when i kept having to replace its battery, went from 1 weeks use to lasting 3 months on the virgin router. Just updated to duma OS and still seems to drain fast 😞
  2. Hi, I have a ring door bell and it seems using the Netduma R1 drains the battery way quicker than when using the normal virgin media hub, is there a setting I can change to stop this happening?
  3. I found that when I used my N1 router the ring needed a weekly charge, since I went back to my virgin router it’s lasted 3 months lol. Im gonna give Duma OS a try later, I’m guessing something in the settings forces the ring to keep reconnecting to Wi-fi which drains the battery?
  4. Any idea what’s going on? All the other tabs work fine apart from host filtering
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