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  1. Hi Fraser, I deleted the game and all the packs and reinstalled only what I needed for multiplayer. I played for an hour this evening and there was a night and day difference. I can only imagine that something about the game had become corrupt. I used QoS with traffic priority as recommended in the posts on here and ABB 100%\never. Geo filter on strict with ping assist 0 and a small radius around the UK, wireless 2.4. Thanks your response. I really hope this has fixed the problem I was having.
  2. I tried the traffic prioritization. On a wired connection it did appear to improve hit detection but I’m still getting killed by enemies that I swear aren’t on my screen. None of the settings, and I’ve tried many, appear to work. I don’t use the ABB sliders and find that most the time switching QOS off gives a better experience. I have good bandwidth and although there are 20+ devices connected, only the Xbox is using bandwidth in the late evening. Last night most games I was getting melted and had a k/d of less than 0.5. There were a couple of games where I got a k/d of 2.0 and 3.25. I turned on/off the modem and router but no improvement. In the end I resorted to deleting the game and reinstalled it. Will try again this evening but I don’t expect much improvement. This is incredibly frustrating. I don’t believe it is the isp either as I was using BT infinity but changed to virgin media.
  3. Thanks. I will have look for them. The buffer bloat sliders don’t appear to solve the issue. Going wireless is better than wired, contrary to the usual advice.
  4. Hi all, ive had the XR500 since it came out and I’ve followed all the guides on how to set it up properly but none of the settings prevent the lag I’m experiencing. I’m not suffering from rubber banding nor packet loss, there’s no network symbols in game (COD MW). The lag is enemies are a bullet sponge, shoot first, die first and generally sensing that my game is a behind other players. I’ve tried all of the following either individually or in combination: the QoS and geo filter, anti buffer bloat sliders, Xbox in dmz, Google dns, port triggering, port forwarding. Nothing appears to solve my problem. I’m on virgin media 350, in game average ping is 35 with a wired connection. any ideas or recommendations? many thanks
  5. @Netduma Fraser I have an XR500 with VM350 which I connect to the VM HUB3 in modem mode with all devices connected to the XR500. Is this the best set up? I can’t see the DMZ option In the VM HUB3 when in modem mode...
  6. Thanks, I am now receiving full speeds through the xr500.
  7. Hi, I’m on vm vivid 350 and i get 380/20 on my XR500 only when qos is disabled. When enabled, even with the anti buffer bloat sliders set to never I only get 200/15. This is repatable, every time so appears that qos is to blame. please advise how to get full speed. Thanks
  8. A thought... I notice that most often my player is killed by others with a ping of ~50ms. Is it possible for me to change my ping to 50ms from 20ms on EU servers?
  9. Good to know the settings are ok, I try many servers and in different regions. Most games are awful and it’s very difficult to get a positive K:D ratio. I don’t know what else to do.
  10. Hi. I meant that recording or downloading a tv programme from sky is something that we do, as is stream YouTube videos. The ISP is BT Infinity 2 which is now connected via a Draytek 130 modem and the XR500. Every device we have connects to the XR500 including the sky tv box. I have currently set up the router; IPv6 disabled Set up port triggering Geo filter set to spectating with Battlefield preset Anti bufferbloat sliders both set to 70% QoS setting to give XBOX priority over others devices, with share exess with other devices ISP DNS changed to Google’s DNS Connected via wireless 5ghz because bizarrely it seems a little better than wired Please advise if I can improve the settings. I’ve nothing more to try other than to change ISP to virgin media as I can get FTTH... Thanks
  11. Hi. BF1 is playing awfully, no matter what setting I try I can’t get a good game. All games now I get a 0.5 KD it’s as though I’m a second behind them and don’t stand a chance. Is there any chance we could have a phone call to chat through what may be happening?
  12. I get a ping of 20ms to EU servers but still feel like hit reg is bad and that I and behind other players so I shoot first but often get insta death. Just makes for frustrating play. There’s an attached image of a large spike.
  13. I test using the PingPlotter app on an ipad. The interval is 2.5sec and I didn’t change other settings and can’t see an auto option. I downloaded a box set via Sky TV and streamed YouTube videos on HD setting on three or four devices. This is our typical use case so I get lag on BF1 with this sort of activity. Maybe this is not due to the ‘strain’ on the network but something affecting quality? I’ve heard of torrents never used them though. Also I have a Mac without an Ethernet port so can’t test wired. Can this be done on an XBOX? Will pingplotter work on IE? DSL reports didn’t finish on IE on XBOX. Based on the article you sent me where the idle ping variance was ~3, do you think the ~10ms variance I have in the above is too much? What about the packet loss? BF1 network graph shows no packet loss but not sure how accurate this is.
  14. Here’s one with anti bufferbloat sliders set to 70%
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