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  1. Checking the compatibility of XR500 with Gear of War 4 on xbox. Does the anti-bufferbload feature supports Gear of War 4? Also could I use the geo-filter to control the server my console connected to?
  2. I added my pc into the geo-filter device list, tried as PC and console. Then started to play the game, no server icon shown on the map. I am in spectating mode. For anti-bufferbloat, there is a "High Priority" counter in QoS page. In my understanding, if the router detect game traffic,the counter will increase as the traffic passing the router. But it seems can't recognize the traffic from Project Car 2 as game traffic, so the high priority counter doesn't change.
  3. Just wondering whether the Geo-filter and anti-bufferbloat compatible to Project Car 2 PC version?
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