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  1. No. I've had issues like this for a long time. It's more of a cursor delay caused by some network delays. To describe it best it feels like the mouse is really floaty even in windows. And yes I have eliminated every other cause. But of course this is not your job to deal with. Since my question can't be really answered in public because my ip's are involved may I message you or some other admin with a one or two questions including a screenshot of what I'm talking about?
  2. Hello. I'm having input lag issues with DHCP Lease and I'm trying to play around with it. I have it both enabled on my isp modem/router and on the R1. If I had to disable it in one of the two routers would it be fine? Can I disable it on my isp router and still have ip's assigned automatically through the R1? thanks
  3. Hello guys I've been trying to get rid of this blue closed nat window in device manager tab but I seriously can't find out how. I saw some youtube/netduma guides but nothing works 😕. I'm not using netduma for any consoles only pc's-phones. I tried different things on my isp's modem/router but no results. My isp modem/router is speedport entry 2i. From what I heard there's no "modem only" option. These are the options I get in the DMZ and Port Forwarding tabs. Any help appreciated.
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