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  1. I wouldn't call it an assumption, Id call it an educated guess. The hardware isn't worthy of what DumaOS claims to be. I dont know what lines your talking about , its seems this is an issue. Being easy is not a prerequisite for being up front with your customers. You cant promise things , even free things , or continually miss deadlines without people getting angry. Why? Your going to piss off your clientele and they wont have nice things to say about you or to you . Sure, they could block the topic. They could censor everything they can out there; but how would that look ? You do that if you don't want something revealed. Lets not forget that the topic was created by the CEO who was announcing a delay in releasing an update, right at the deadline, for something as mundane as being able to flash back old firmware (hardly valid and not a legal obstacle btw),and which was only going to be a few weeks. Oh btw, it was only 22 pages before the topic became a month old. The thread size is a product of there own doing.
  2. Im not sure your going to get DumaOS on the R1. Sounds like a bit of a song and dance of "Yes you will get it, and get it soon, we hope. " Not very popular. Im beginning to think that its not going to happen. Why else would they be so silent about whats happening ?
  3. I play mostly PC game like Overwatch. The geo filter doesn't really apply for that as far as I know. You can find the XR500 for less than the advertised price of US$299. I received mine for about 25% less than that. Not sure if i can mention the site of the deal that had it listed.
  4. I own the XR500. Its not a trash router. I am having some issues though with it disconnecting. Im hoping I can get some tech help with the issue. It has the power that it needs to be the router it intends to be, which is a good thing.
  5. I was looking through the forums for a solution to the existing issue I am having with the router disconnecting me from the internet and sometimes the as well network as often as once a day. I was wondering if that firmware would help me. Im on V2.3.2.22 firmware at the moment.
  6. Sir you are wrong to say "people need to relax because they received what they paid for when it came to the Netduma R1 Gaming Router." They have been advertising the R1 router that includes a free DumaOS update for quite some time .If you included the Free item as part of your advertising of said product, you must deliver. Its that simple. Here is a perfect example. Video cards come with free games every once in a while. Would they be able to get away with not giving you the "free game" as promised ? I don't think so. Why this is overlooked by people who post otherwise baffles me. Let be accurate, The most recent announcement is another misleading part to the history of the Netduma R1. Its deceiving the way this company back tracks on these things , multiple times I might add and its been happening for quite some time. I don't believe the backwards compatibility aspect of the statement at this point. I have had firmware updates in the past from other devices that couldn't revert back to the previous firmware. All they did was state up front that the upgrade is not reversible. So this IMO is BS. No offense, but sticking up for a company with the reasons you mentioned makes me wonder if your have hit your head on something recently. I hope you feel better.
  7. Has anyone sent a message to Netduma Luke ? Im curious if he would respond in kind ? Release the R1 update and God Save the Queen !!!!
  8. Did anyone see if he had his fingers crossed when this announcement was posted ?
  9. Tell the Queen she doesn't have to be polite. I mean she's the damn Queen for Pete's sake and should have her R1 with DumaOS.
  10. thats odd you may need to factory reset the device.
  11. You didnt read my post correctly . It does not handle speeds above 200 with congestive control on, at the desired percentage rate above 200Mbps. When I was running 200 Mbps at 90% it would run at 180 Mbps. When I upgraded to 300 speed it wouldn't run above 200 with the same 90% configuration. Hense the "speed cap" on CC. Im pretty sure thats due to the hardware limitations on the R1. Your 500Mbps speed is set on the R1 with out CC enabled and with Turbo+Super Turbo on as well. Im very familiar with the R1 and routers in general , TYVM. I addressed this topic in another thread that i started and Netduma didnt really come up with a solution although I heard some suggestion to put another router in front of it , and was told that the 30% was a standard drop even at 99%. Others have had the same issue as well. You can look up my thread if you dont believe me. Its one of the first things I ever posted in this forum.
  12. I sold my R1 on eBay for what I paid for it (it was used from eBay). I had it for about 60 days. It never met my needs due to speed cap on the CC which seems to function accurately up to about 200Mbps. My issue was (and still is) that I was going to buy one of these new and the April DumaOS upgrade was a key reason why. Finding one used at a great price was fantastic but If I would have purchased new I would have twice as aggravated. Still I was curious about DumaOS so I purchased an XR500 (I feel so dirty) for a very nice price locally, at nearly the cost of a new R1. After using it for 24 hours I am happy with it as it supports my 300/35 connection at near 100% speeds with QOS on and Buffer bloat very much under control. It has some nice features. If this was Netdumas original intentions for DumaOS I will admit that this was done very nicely. The DumaOS on the XR500 will never run well on the R1 but perhaps a lite version could. TBH I believe that Netduma originally had good intentions about releasing DumasOS to the R1. I'm not sure why they are not up front about what is going on.
  13. LOL.. "really , no shit? ,eh Ian?" Judging the past and if Ians statement are truly the case id say the odds of that happening are slim and none and DumaOS will never get new features
  14. Thanks for validating my feelings but I must conclude your decision to buy an xr500 was based on need and not so much objectivity , as I see it. By giving up on the R1 and buying an xr500, you have become dismissive if anything, concerning the evaluation of the merits Netduma , as far as being truthful about what they say vs what they actually do. Thats the crux of the matter IMO.
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