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  1. Thanks for the reply a tutorial would be great, I currently have a setup of a DM200 > XR500 with BT, I dont mind using the Sky Router as a modem as long as I can get the xr500 to work properly:)
  2. Hi, thanks for the fast reply and it makes perfect sense. All I ask is as I’m currently connected to BT with the xr500 do I have to do the setup wizard again or will DumaOS instantly recognise I’m connected to a different connection and automatically log me in to the dumaos (skip the part we’re I have to put in login details as I’m aware Sky doesn’t give you access to those)?
  3. Hi guys i'm thinking of switching to Sky from BT, can anyone that has got Sky Fibre Max give me simple instructions on how I can use the XR500 router with Sky? Thanks!
  4. Is it normal for my powerline/ethernet adapter to flash orange? (I believe this indicates a loss of speed?) It only flashes when im playing an online game? =S
  5. If I wanted to change my DNS to the open google Would I have to enter it in the DumaOS and have the windows setting to "Obtain automatically from ISP" or just change it manually in the windows settings and leave dumaos alone?
  6. http://www.speedtest.net/result/7398895391Thats with it off =( Also just to add, since ive had the router, ive noticed my speeds will always differ, wifi is sometimes faster than wired and vice versa, never do I had a stable speedtest
  7. I changed to the XR500 coming from a BT-HomeHub 6. Ever since my speeds have gone from a steady 60+mbps, now barely gettings 30/40? When I first installed the XR500 and it was configuring, it gave me speeds of 69/20. http://www.speedtest.net/result/7187678322When I had the Home hub 6 http://www.speedtest.net/result/7398831161Speed test I took today on the XR500.
  8. Hi, Loving the XR500 so far however I've noticed that my Geo-filter location is located in West coast US, and I live in the UK. I don't really use this feature as im a PC player however wondered if this is normal?
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