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  1. Any update here? I'd love to guinea pig this?
  2. Upload spikes when running DSLreports test which also register on Pingplotter simultaneously. They're legitimate spikes that are occurring not just some deep packet inspection hoopla that's causing it. I know this because many of the new Asus routers suffered from the same thing and they've since fixed it. I definitely want to get my hands on the VPN beta to put it through it's paces.
  3. When and will it be added? It's something that this router direly needs to effectively prevent DoS attacks from occuring not to mention basic anonymity/safe gaming in today's world. It's omission and really the lack of really an VPN provider aside from the garbagio that is HMA is saddening. Does anyone know or any more capable third party firmware? Or do I just need to go back to Asus Merlin. Also the Upload spikes issue that Asus routers were suffering from as well has seemingly been corrected on their latest firmware releases - yet we're told here that it's just a thing that's fine and doesn't have any real world effect (it definitely does). I experience latency spikes in Pingplotter nonetheless
  4. Dang full release is already out - the beta worked fine for me last night. UpNp populated correctly and I had no issue joining games whatsoever.
  5. Is there a link to Lilstones findings? I know when DPI was disabled on the R1 it tasted fine and it performed better in game too.
  6. My CM1000 gave me slightly higher upstream as well. I use a splitter for a boost as well on my line. Regardless I still opted for the SB8200 as it's a bit more up to date spec wise and the build quality is a little better. To each their own they're arguably the two best and I've tried them both.
  7. If you're below 36 on the upload spectrum with any Docsis 3.1 modem you're out of spec and regardless of what modem you're using you should shoot for above 45 and below 52. That way you're above the noise floor. You're issue likely wasn't the SB8200 but moreso your line that needs attention.
  8. I test all the time lol is there any potential fix for the erroneous dsl reports results that I'd be able to beta test?
  9. Not the cloud with congestion control. Docsis 3.1 features Docsis-PIE which is it's own congestion control for the upload spectrum and could be why so many are seeing upload spikes on their end. The modem already tries to compensate for the spikes.
  10. Peep the bottom of my post above yours. I'd be more than happy to test out Docsis 3.1 compatibility as I believe there's a conflict there.
  11. Upload side of things definitely have problems when testing for whatever reason. Sure it will be resolved eventually.
  12. PS4 PRO North America (West Coast) Fortnite PS4 PRO Pubg Android Also have an SB 8200 modem if you need someone to test issues with Docsis 3.1. I have a Gigabit connection with Docsis 3.1 implementation on the download spectrum.
  13. CM1000 and SB8200 interact kind of funky with the XR500 (really any Docsis 3.1 modem does). I think this is largely due to Docsis-PIE that's incorporated into all Docsis 3.1 modems. In other words it has its own Upload QoS built-in and I'm not sure it interacts well with DumaOS. I imagine that it's something they're investigating, but for now I'd still recommend them being that relatively new to the market and can only improve.
  14. As far as the R9000 with custom firmware I'd take that all day over what we curencurr have with the XR500. You can get the Cake QoS queing discipline on the R9000 via custom firmware which trump's what we currently have here and is really the end game for QoS. As far as DumaOS the idea is nice - esssessenti simplifying the QoS process for the average network illiterate gamer. However there are better alternatives if you're willing to learn. Until these weird issues with how DPI interacts with DSLreports speed test its incredibly difficult to know exactly how dialed in we are with the XR500 severally limiting it's main appeal. Time will tell if they actually address it. I feel like the biggest issue with the XR500 is Netgear's politics of being such a large company. Because of this we're getting few and far between updates, nixed features. It's only a matter of time before Netgear "pulls the cord" and says "we're trying to market our next iteration of gaming router and we're no longer going to support the XR500." Effectively rendering the router a brick as Netduma will no longer be able to update it. Corporate 101 - gotta love it
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