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  1. I am running Orbi in AP mode and the ip’s from the XR500 are bizarre. For example, RBR50 - shows, below it with .19 being the correct one. All 3 satellites show their respective 192.168.0.xxx ip’s but they all show on the next line right after their correct ip. What’s with these weird ip’s?
  2. Why wouldn't the DumaOS at least faciliate the registering of DDNS coupled with a secure https/SSL connection to the router. The Asus routers do this easily and automatically within their router OS. It's just kind of scary that we can enable remote connection to our routers but there's nothing that automatically prompts the user to switch to a secure https connection instead of http. Or, maybe I'm missing something here? It's the same with Netgear and their X6s router. And, their support is not good with these questions. Thanks though. Will look elsewhere to try and understand this.
  3. Would you say then that 1 unit was enough coverage. I have 3 stories with the router in the basement - no choice. Do these daisy chain or just star topology? I had bad experience with the EX7500 extender which just could not maintain a router connection with the XR500 on the main floor - worse on the 2nd floor with the second extender. The X6S router did better at maintaining the router connection to the EX7500's but still intermittent. I didn't play with the channel settings though and I had smart connect enabled. Using Orbi now for the WiFi with the XR500 wifi radio disabled but would prefer to extend the WiFi of the XR500 using extenders. Thanks.
  4. Using fictitious examples, for clarity, I have a Dynamic DDNS with no-ip of "abc.ddns.net" along with a relevant username and password. I add the above address to the Dynamic DDNS section and it works okay. I can remotely access my router then with my DDNS address, port and router logon credentials then to finalize the connection. For added security though - and again using examples: The above is not a secure connection though, so how do I add the SSL certificate to make it secure? And, is it correct for my WAN IP that the router is using to be the same as the public IP that no-ip gave me for "abc.ddns.net"? They are the same in my case. Also, I have a domain of "user.duma.com" (actual domain is "duma.com" with a CNAME record for "user" so that I can use "user" points back to my no-ip ddns of "abc.ddns.net". This way, I can just type in "https:\\user.duma.com" And, with my domain provider, I have the ability to use Dynamic DNS with a Dynamic DNS password (the long password). I would like to use this setup but how is my confusion. In the XR500 then, how would I use "https:\\user.duma.com:8443" so that it requires my Dynamic DNS password instead of using "https:\\abc.ddns.net:8443" using my regular router credentials? I also have an "A+ Dynamic DNS Record" type where "user.duma.com" points to my public ip from no-ip which oddly is the same as my WAN IP on the router. Thanks ALL.
  5. Device Management needs a static screen for devices so that we can name them properly. As it stands, the current wheel display has way too much movement (between offline & online) that you end up clicking on the wrong device half the time.
  6. Anybody know, I tried the EX7500 X4s with the XR500. I have no choice bu to keep the XR500 in the basement and then use 2 extenders for the main and top floor. The X4s connection on the main floor to the XR500 was intermittent at best with the extender losing connection to the router frequently. On the second floor it was mostly not connecting. I used an X6s which could mostly keep the connection intact on the main floor with the extender but not really on the top floor. I believe these are star topology and you can't daisy chain? Does anybody know if the EX8000 will fair better and can it daisy chain as I need two. I'm using Orbi now with the XR500 but I hate cutting the XR500's WiFi to let Orbi do the WiFi in AP as I then have to manage two GUI's and it does not seem ideal.
  7. No, the X4s extender is not a wired extender, it is Netgears Nighthawk X4s EX7500 wireless extender. It would not maintain a stable connection with the XR500. I moved the extender as close a possible on the main floor to the XR500 in the basement but it would drop the connection. The X6s was rather solid at keeping the extender connection active in comparison to the XR500. And, with that setup, I would have needed another extender on the top floor but I believe these are start topology (not daisy chained) so they have to go back to the router and the XR500 just could not keep the connection but the X6s was intermittent up top. Do you know if the EX8000 Netgear Extender will work better. it's like Orbi but meant to extend WiFi using the router so you don't cut the wireless off @ the router. And, does the EX8000 do Daisy Chain or not?
  8. Just picked up this router over the weekend. Some questions: Tried using this with an X4S Range Extender from Netgear but it constantly dropped the connection to the router and the the 5ghz band with a red light. I have to locate it in my basement as that is where the internet connection go. Moving the extender on the main floor, as close as possible to the router, resulted in the same. So, basically I can't use the X4S. I used the X6s and it seemed to handle the X4s connection on the main floor but I also need one upstairs and that wasn't really working with either but worked better with the X6s. is this just the X6s having more range because of AC4000 vs AC2600, etc. Device management/renaming on the Duma OS is frantic at best. Just too much movement between offline/online devices and I end up clicking on the wrong device half the time to rename it or check it. Is there another area where we can see a device list that's static for this sort of exercise? Trying to connect to my router remotely using my no-ip DDNS does not work. It takes forever to draw up the GUI but most times it just clocks after prompting for my username and password and doesn't bring up the GUI screen. I had to get Orbi because the extenders would not work. I have Orbi in AP mode but I cut the XR500 at the knees by disabling its wireless radios. I don't like this because I prefer my router to contribute to the wireless network. From a management side, it's cleaner as now I have to logon to Orbi and/or XR500 to manage stuff. Anybody have any idea if the EX8000 extender would have more punch to keep the connection active between router and extender? And, does it work in daisy chain mode as I would probably need 2? This way, I could use the wireless of the XR500. And finally, worth having the XR500 if I'm cutting its wireless radios off for the Orbi. I would be doing the same with X6s with the Orbi but it's $70 bucks cheaper than the XR500. Evaluating both so which one would you keep but I would like to primarily use either router with wireless enabled and extenders. Thanks.
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