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  1. So clearing cache didn't work. Comparing which settings are pinned and which are working I found it was my "Internet Status" window. I unpinned and repinned and it's all good now.
  2. Ya, it appears to be on of the panels I've pinned to the Dashboard. It's just spinning. I'm not sure which one it is. Is there some way to reset it? Besides resetting to factory settings.
  3. Looks like Hybrid VPN is in there. I don't see any changes to the Device Manager. When I load the Dashboard, I get a script error box. There's a new theme selection icon up in the upper right of the UI though.
  4. Xbox Live is built on IPv6... this doesn't make any sense to me. If there's anything wrong with this router and IPv6 I'm going to guess it's on the Netgear side because their firewall blocks IPv6 ICMP which is needed to make it work better. All Netgear routers have this disabled for "security" reasons when it shouldn't be. If you ever try running an IPv6 test with a Netgear router it will 100% of the time fail on the ICMP portion of the test. People on Netgear forums have tried to communicate this to them, but they won't listen. See here: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-WiFi-Routers/IPv6-ICMP-Filtered/td-p/1088538
  5. I recently added a MoCA coax backhaul connection and switched the extender to AP mode and I no longer have this issue. So it seems to only happen if you put the X6S in Extender mode. There was a recent firmware update to the X6S but the changelog says they added automatic firmware updates and the option to send telemetry data back to Netgear. I don't think there were any fixes that were noted. The XR500 has not had any firmware updates so I have to assume that this is still an issue.
  6. Thank you so much for working on this. After the recent firmware update, I looked at the device manager and found this: It's un-usable.
  7. Sorry to be late to this thread but I've been wanting to post about the Device Manager for a couple days but couldn't get logged in to the forum. I was thinking maybe a view toggle or a separate table showing Online and Offline devices would be helpful. My problem is that I paired my XR500 with a EX8000 mesh-extender. When a device hops over to the extender, it shows up in the device list under a virtual MAC address that it is assigned by the EX8000. Those devices show up as "unnamed devices" in the network map. It makes it difficult to manage. Here's what my Device Manager looks like after spending 30 minutes deleting devices:
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