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  1. I just tried to send a message and it states Netduma Fraser cannot receive any New messages
  2. Hello, I did manage to add a person. I would like to hold off on the one on one until I see if I'm having the issue with others as it was kinda weird the way I got it to work. Also should I still check the disable SIP ALG box? I will send those SS
  3. Hello, Firmware Version: V2.2.1.10. Freinds cannot connect to me in game. Also cannot connect to me in party chats when I'm using the XR500. This is for the PS4. I also disabled Xfinity's modem/router UPNP per instruction from NetDuma Admin. This actually seemed to cause additonal issue as now I don't get even volume from my headset. I did send screen shots of pertinent info and admin stated everthing was set correctly. http://forum.netduma.com/topic/23850-geo-filter-issue/page-2 Available: 3/31/18 Now till 10:00 PM CST. 4/1/18 10 10:00 AM till 10:00 PM CST. 4/2/18 10: AM 1:00 PM CST Thank You
  4. Is it possible to send privately. That would be more comfortable
  5. PS4 Nat type 2. It was the first thing I checked actually and have kept checking to make sure I was not missing that simple thing. Also spectating was set too. I'd be happy to take pics and send of any screens you'd like to see.
  6. I followed Sim's YouTube video on the xr500 to setup the router from the start. I have the ps4 set and checked on a dmz. The IP does match the same as the PS4 and the address is reserved. Really I'm at a loss here as what to do other than go back to my nighthawk x10. Which kinda sucks as the potential here is great.
  7. I just followed the above instructions. Firmware was already version V2.2.1.10. The friend I just tried to get to join my party lives in the same area as me. He is getting unable to connect to host.
  8. Hello, I am having this issue of not seeing my friends in the Geo filter as well as getting the Nat type error for party chats. I've connected then tried to connect again and it seems to go in and out. Also on the Geo filtering screen it doesn't appear that I can click on anyone. Some help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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