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  1. The CM1000 isn't officially on spectrums list of approved modems. Although I have heard of the CM1000 working here in the So Cal area.
  2. I had a similar issue on a similar router. Wired would disconnect but wireless was fine. By default my mtu was set to 1500. Try doing a ping test. My optimal mtu was actually 1444 +28= 1472. I haven't had a dissconect since. Worth a try anyway.
  3. 10-4 thanks for the input. i'm sure ill be back with more questions once i purchase the XR500....
  4. Hi all, I am considering the XR500 mainly because: #1 the customer service and #2 the Duma OS. I am currently using the NG R7800 with Voxels Latest FW and love it!! BUT....... The QOS on the R7800 is disappointing. I typically have 7-10 devices connected and currently have the QOS turned off on my R7800 because it has never seemed to work correctly and my speeds are nothing near what i am paying for when its on. I have spectrum 300/20 with NG's CM600 modem So I was wondering if there is any advantage to using my R7800 as an AP ONLY for all my wireless devices? I want to dedicate the XR500 for my wired devices (mainly XB1). It just seems like a waste of a great router NOT to use it as an AP and maybe take some of the load off the XR500 which i know is more that capable of handling the work load. Any thoughts? Thanks for your time.
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