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  1. Thanks @Netduma Fraser Adjusting the QOS doesn't seem to affect it. All of the servers I've tried bounce around a bit. I'll try some of your suggestions.
  2. Hey all I've been playing around with ping plotter and can get my connection fairly stable but I noticed lately that the ping (auto ping host number) fluctuates quite rapidly. 14ms server will jump to 30 then back to 14. Definitely not consistent. I don't remember seeing this in the past. Should it jump around that much? Thanks for the help
  3. I used to believe that 40-50ms ping was better until I trashed my Arris modem and installed a TP Link TC-7610. I would get smashed on my local 12-14ms ping server with the arris. With the TC-7610 my local dedicated server and all the low ping servers have been pretty sweet. I'm not sure why it'd make that much difference but it definitely did. Good Luck!
  4. Thanks purple. Ive seen that a lot of people on here recommend it. Does anyone know if I should put my tenda wifi router in AP mode? I've seen others on here that mentioned they put theirs in AP mode. Thanks
  5. I reset distribution and tested on speedtest.net. It was similar to the results above. I rebooted the tc7610 and the R1 and retested and now the speeds are almost identical enabled and disabled so it seemed to clear everything up. Does my QOS settings look ok? If possible, Do I need to change any of the 7610 settings? Thanks for your input.
  6. Hey all, I'm having issues with my speeds with QOS enabled now the I trashed my arris modem and added the TC7610. I may have missed something when installing the tc7610. I have Xfinity cable 250 down and 12 up. Current setup is tp-link tc7610 modem to Netduma R1(no wifi) with R1 firmware to Tenda wifi router. I'm getting 250 down and 12up with QOS disabled. With Qos enabled 30-100 down and 12 up. I've ran through the optimal settings maximum speeds guide and can't seem to figure it out. I've run the test with all 3 options on anti buffer bloat, traffic prioritization enabled and disabled, reset distribution and it is still inconsistent. I've factory reset and rebooted the router. Share excess is ticked on both up and download. Should I game without QOS or am I able to get closer to my modem speeds with QOS? Goodput is ticked. All testing was done wired direct to the Netduma. Thanks for the help
  7. PS4 pro Team Deathmatch and domination R1 with Dumaos Utah I tried to play last night and couldn't get a game for 10 minutes. Restarted PS4 opened up my geofilter to cover the entire US and could get only p2p's no dedis. I noticed there are a lot more servers/symbols popping up on the geo in and out of a game. I've loved the dumaos software so far. Haven't had any issues until last night.
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