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  1. Why do so many people take up for the Duma team. We should have got this update at or before the release of the XR500. We paid $200 for software and updates, the R1 hardware is not worth a 3rd of that. We where the early adopters aka test dummies, yet as soon as they made a major deal we fell to last priority. People in this generation expect so little from businesses that the have actually convinced themselves that poor service is okay. In my younger days (1980s) this behavior was unexcepable.
  2. When I turn on hyper traffic and choose console it says Xbox even though I'm on PlayStation 4. Anyone know what is wrong?
  3. Is this feature hidden or is it missing?
  4. I decided to purchase a XR500 today. Hope this fixes my issues.
  5. Something worked. Wireless speeds still suck. I can set beside it and run a wifi test and barely hit 30. Hook up nighthawk and run 40-50 on the other end of the house.
  6. Default. I just reset it again. The auto setup actually worked but my speeds still suck.
  7. Just tried it still blank warning.
  8. I've already factory reset it. No change.
  9. Every time I try auto setup I just get a blank warning box
  10. I've tried all the guides I've found online. No help
  11. I have 50m internet. I get 49-50 on the Nighthawk. 35max on R1.
  12. I'm not getting full speed even with 1 device. If I put multiple devices on it it feels like any help in latency the Duma was helping is gone. May as well play PS4 on an old Linksys wrt54g.
  13. When 4+ devices are connected it doesn't do well speedwise, where as the nighthawk never skips a beat. Other r1 issues I've had are: 1 Random wifi disconnect that requires power cycle to remedy. 2 Can't do wifi speed of 50m so my whole internet speed is slower. Factory reset, turning off ipv6, wifi workaround, turbo mode etc. Don't help. Firmware 1.03.6
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