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  1. Thanks for the responses guys just wanted to give an update and also ask one more question. Last night I played around with the geo filter and found the further I went to the west coast, the better the connection felt. This seems odd considering my ping to those servers was anywhere from 59ms - 89ms. I guess low ping is not king in ww2 because when I hit the southern California sever I felt as if I was 2 seconds ahead. I did want to touch base about the 70 percent qos that was suggested. I only have dsl 25 mbps down and 1.5mbps upload. With that being said should I still set qos at 70 percent? This connection is for gaming only as we have low tier business class cable internet for the rest of our household electronics.
  2. I'm a recently new xr500 owner so don't shoot if this has already been covered. The issue i'm having is I live close to Atlanta,GA and every time i play on the call of duty ww2 server, i'm still behind in the gunfights. I'm constantly pinging the Atlanta server at 16ms yet i feel like it might as well be 200ms. If i'm doing something wrong by playing near my home please advise and thank you in advance.
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