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  1. Can you tell me what your qos settings are in your asus rapture gt-ac5300 as im able to get better consistent buffer bloat results from dsl reports and cod on ps4 feels better going straight through the netduma but I have to run netduma behind my asus router because i have 1gig internet and many devices on my network. I now have netduma behind asus router and only use geo filter for cod on ps4 which helps greatly but would like to be able to get more consistent A+ scores on dsl reports test on the asus router. When you enable game boost on asus router you can no longer prioritize devices as when you do it disables the game boost feature. Ive tried capping the bandwidth on asus router and then upload or download huge files to bottleneck network and when i do this while in game of cod on ps4 the 3 green bars go to 2 yellow or even 1 red and the hit detection is horrible and delayed. I did same test with netduma direct and it would go from 3 green bars to 2 yellow never hit 1 red and the hit detection was still decent but still not as good if not saturating netowork.
  2. Strange thing I have noticed is by not having enable cookies checked I do have less interface lag issues but then it doesn't remember any of my settings on that page which is annoying.
  3. Im on a 1gig connection so i have to have super turbo mode active to reach max speed which disables cc control. I am really happy with the way dd-wrt qos handles my heavy network load and is much better for wifi strength and range including 5g. I have strange issues with the netduma most noticeable very laggy user interface where many times i have to power cycle the unit to even make it usable. Another frustraiting thing it looses its settings during a power cycle at least any settings that i may have made without saving profile or using the reboot router button within the interface. Many times i cannot get the page to load with the reboot router button so i have to manually pull power. Also during gaming mostly when it was used as primary router I would have skipping game play. A power cycle would remedy this for a while but would eventually come back after a short period of time. I also notice if im logged into the user interface and mess with settings mainly host filtering settings that it would bring back the lag. I think my network has to much going on for the netduma this is why its much better suited to only run the ps4 using mainly host filtering settings and let the nighthawk with dd-wrt handle the heavy load. The bummer now being I want my main pc to be connected to my nighthawk but still have access to the netduma interface my understanding to make this work was the wan option in misc settings. Is there any other way to make this work?
  4. Using my external ip or internal ip assigned to net duma with wan access enable brings up error page this site cant be reached. How can i access netduma router page from my computer connected to nighthawk router. Im able to connect to nighthawk router when hard wired to netduma but not vice versa. Is there an option i need to enable on the nighthawk its running customer dd-wrt firmware.
  5. I thought i was supposed to type in the ip assigned to the netduma router for example it would be an internal ip like I had my network setup this way before with netduma first in line but i prefer dd-wrt qos control and its way less glitchy. Plus im on a connection over 300 megs so in order to get max speed congestion control gets disabled anyway. Also i get better buffer bloat ratings with preemptive so i only want to use netduma for ps4 to get the best connection without it effecting the rest of my network. I still have several unstable issues with the netduma router and the only feature really needed is host filtering as I am only using it for ps4. Im able to get A+ rating for everything on dsl reports with current setup being Moden, Nighthawk, Netduma. Ill try using my public ip to see if it will let me access the wan port that way and report back, thanks for the reply. Ive used remote access on several routers before they typically require :8080 after the ip is this needed for netduma?
  6. I have a nighthawk r8500 with dd-wrt firmware connected to modem and the netduma connected to the nighthawk. I only use the nighthawk for host filtering on the ps4 and it is the only device connected to it wired with wireless disabled. I have enabled access control panel from wan and have dmz the ip address assigned to the netduma but i cannot access the netduma from my pc. The only way i can connect to the netduma interface is connecting my pc to the netduma and typing in the defualt address. How can i log into my netduma router while keeping my pc connected to my nighthawk?
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