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  1. does the netduma r2 support 1000/35 download and upload
  2. may i ask is cox your provider?
  3. Hi just asking there will be a Beta test firmware in the near future ?
  4. hi over the two weeks my ping in game randomly spikes from 50/60 to 150/180 I have no idea whats going on and I have factory reset my router and even stressed my connection from 1000/35 to 700/18 and yet i still experience rubber band lag anti bb is set to always and sliders are at 70/70 and duma classified games are disabled and enabled both don't make a difference because I'm still experiencing the same issues
  5. so what if you were to manually input only tcp along with games console which is udp will that work?
  6. what do i set the anti bufferbloat setting (always hp and never)
  7. I was wondering if I should even enable QOS considering I have 1000/35 also if I can only use traffic prioritization ?
  8. I have been getting the same issue as you have, i have a 30 upload but only get a 4 upload. idk what has happened as before i was able to get 21 or 22 upload with slider upload at 70%
  9. Hi this if for anyone wondering if this router will fix frequent lag spikes on bo3 ( xbox one ) no matter what settings you input, you will always lag just due to the game itself being lag. You can put the console in geo filter and the game will still lag but will minimize it only a bit though.
  10. I have a question regarding qos settings, are you suppose to put 90% of your DL and UL? in the input settings then lower your slides to 70% each?
  11. issues that I have found within the most recent firmware update contains speeds oddly enough decreased. On top of that when I would unplug my xbox to switch over to my ps4, in the network device section it would show both my xbox and ps4 in the online section when only one of them was off.
  12. my speeds were also cut in half, I have tried qos disabled and all and slides to 1000 and still in half. I have noticed this has started with the newest firmware of the XR500. And yes I did run this test on wired
  13. I can confirm on bo3 your ping tends to spike at random times. one point you'll be at a solid steady low ping then randomly will spike to a 150 and back down
  14. will it come at a cost in terms of them improving line quality?
  15. https://imgur.com/gallery/TcIIKE0ping seems a bit more stable now
  16. I'll rerun test with different Ethernet cable, and I'll lower the slides to 75/75
  17. https://imgur.com/gallery/7aAo0tpheres the second part
  18. https://imgur.com/gallery/EVhmC32 QOS settings 80/80 Anti bufferbloat on ALWAYS
  19. Okay how long do you want me to ping plot it for again?
  20. Hi, I was wondering if on ping plotter is it okay if when i first run a test the ping spikes high at first then calms all the way down? I'm occasionally getting a really high ping spike with bufferbloat active, it's very stable but my ping jumps a little high
  21. every time i swap over to consoles, TP stops working for me, then it always leads to me just rebooting which is a hassle. I have tried manually implementing my consoles into TP but I often find myself having to restart in order to get it going again. I have also tried leaving ticked dumaos classified games on, and still the same thing happens when I have to force reboot in order to get my TP up and running again
  22. anti buff-bloat is on always, I had ps4 manually entered first. But then I switched it back to all devices and it still shows the circle as black.
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