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  1. I see servers all the time now. it only happens sporadically.
  2. Yes. It only happens every now and then. Both times that I got a server ID is the same server.
  3. I cannot ban the server. It doesn't show up on the deny/allow list after moving the slider and temp ban doesn't work either.
  4. Done. I'll update when it/if happens. Update: It just happened. Started to load into a game with no visible host. Update #2 It happened again but this time I got a server ID
  5. I deleted the Xbox and re-added it to the geo filter. I only added Halo 5 service this time.
  6. No ping graph. No circle. Nothing. I'm going to look for it right now. Here is a screen shot of the Geo filter as I'm looking for it. Edit: It just happened. load me into a game like it was nothing. I'm going to remove the xbox from the geo filter and see if it happens again. Screenshot while the game was loading.
  7. Yes I keep an eye during the entire match. I had Auto ping off but I reenable it.
  8. Map entirely visible. It's annoying since is not a great server and I want to block it.
  9. Every now and then I'll connect to a game and the server won't show up on the geo filter page. I don't have any servers on the allow list. I placed the location on the middle of the ocean and reduced the distance to the minimum, ping assist to 0, strict mode on. Still get it. Any ideas?
  10. It has become one of my frequently visited sites.
  11. I love it. I don't remember spending so much time using a router interface before the R1. I am still learning about it. It is an awesome thing that you guys build here. Great job. The only thing that annoys me is that sometimes the anti-flood sliders like to move by themselves after I leave the page and comeback to it, but I solve that by pressing update distribution. Keep it up. GG
  12. What the title says. I have some devices that I don't want to get out of the local network but with share excess they still get bandwidth.
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