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  1. I have changed between Filtering and Spectating. Traffic prioritization is on. EU only comes up. Ping is only 3 bars. If I select US in filtering there is zero bars. When I do quickmatch it sends me to an empty lobby. Should I just keep Geofilter off when playing BF1?
  2. I can't get any US servers to come up on my PS4. EU only. If I turn off geofilter it works but I lag really bad. Anti-Bufferbloat is set to 70%. Tried port forwarding with geofilter on and nothing changed. Help appreciated.
  3. Update: Changed ISP modem to newer model. Went up on speed to 25 down and 2.5 up. Bufferbloat Rating is now an A. Thanks everyone for the information.
  4. Is the first hop from my PC to modem or modem to ISP.
  5. That's great to hear. I've been playing Call of Duty since the beginning and the lag has gotten so bad for me I've almost completely stopped playing. I'm definitely going to be getting the XR500 next week. Can't wait. Our local cable company has said they may upgrade to fiber soon so that'll just make it even better if they do. Thanks for your reply.
  6. These are my results hardwired into ISP modem. Thanks for the replies and answering my questions.
  7. This is what I got. Only lets me go back five minutes. This is on my iPhone. I only noticed one really big spike. There is no QOS set up for my phone. What do you think? Appreciate any info and advice.
  8. Is there a minimum speed you need for NetdumaOS to work against lag and ping spikes? I ran a test on DSL reports and I get D's on all three ratings. I messed with QOS on my ASUS RT-AC66u and it gets the bufferbloat up to a B. I plan on getting the Netgear XR500 next week and want to make sure it'll help before dropping the $300. My speeds are 15 down and 1.5 up. Goes down during peak hours. My ping to google is usually around 30ms. Any info before I purchase would be greatly appreciated.
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