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  1. When will this be fixed guys? the geo filter is an complete waste of time right now. so frustrating.
  2. Might also want to let people know before they buy that there's a waiting list for games to be in working order! but there's no timeline because you're busy with duma os lol what a joke that was! so much for the cloud update i could'nt find a single game for a half hour! unplugged netduma went straight to modem BOOM 15 seconds i get a game with a guy 200 miles away wtf! ask a question get 10 back all smoke and mirror to hide the fact that the router itself is a piece of low quality junk! but the reply he's too busy with os to add any new games for me was the nail in the coffin for you guys! anybody who buys the netduma will tell you they bought it for the geo filter and not the quality and when you're told the developers to busy right now to maintain the router because they busy with os pfffffff come on seriously NO REPLY WHEN ASKED A TIMESCALE
  3. well netduma is back in the box and getting put on ebay absolute farce cant even get a game now using this terrible terrible router as soon as i swap over AGAIN for the 300th time it works flawless you guys are just interested is sails plain and simple absolutely pathetc piece of junk
  4. thanks guys! will definitely try that tonight! thanks again
  5. California-ac9fc18c3c4b9499 Brazil-c9b924ef56682d32 Australia-386dbb860ad7c3c8 Japan-3e6debb60addc3c8 Ireland-859f68333c249499 When i keep my home radius small and exclude Ireland it takes around 5 to 6 minute to get a match during the day haven't tried at night there's 8000 people playing ranked at the moment i'd guess mostly european because of time difference, it's not even trying to match me outside radius that often.
  6. california-180.0ms brazil-305.0ms australia-345.0ms japan-290.0ms ireland-40.0ms the ireland one should obviously be good enough but is really laggy! so basically they're all pretty much unplayable, but if i temp ban them i can hardly find a game! will this help me find more p2p connections once ea ufc 3 has been added to list?
  7. Based in uk my linksys is behind the r1 being used only as an access point i've had my r1 for over a year. Set up exactly as it shows on here for my speeds with no problem i've used just modem and get perfect connection most games i've used modem to linksys and get perfect connection most games. As soon as i use netduma from modem with this game and only this game the lag is terrible! And i cant find a game! Dedi server in Ireland,East Coast America,Brazil,Australia maybe another i'm not sure all laggy as you know with EA servers! so i've no option but to temp ban them and go p2p and take my chances. And that's why i use netduma for geo filter only as it's the main selling point for probably 90% of users.And the only reason i bought it! if i knew there would be a waiting list on games where i can't even get an answer to a time period i would'nt have bothered!
  8. Yeh does'nt stop me connecting to those guys though.I have a perfectly good linksys wrt 3200acm with QOS on it and my games run flawlessly! so in all honesty it's a waste of money if i can't use the geo filter to block American,Australian,Japanese hosts which is where all the dedi server are to my knowledge. i only play 2 games. Infinite warfare and ufc. EA ufc 2 was perfect and i racked up over 5000 fights using netduma unhealthy i know lol but this game runs terrible on netduma! when i swap it over 2 even just the modem it's flawless. Is there even an estimate to when it will be usable?
  9. Thanks for the reply! Take it the netduma will be goin back in the box lol was actually gonna go buy the new nighthawk lol thank god i left it. Would have been gutted
  10. Any chance you'll know when or if it will be getting updated? because geo filter is the reason i bought the netduma. i keep getting matched with americans and australians now lol
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