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  1. My initial commentary was about how I feel about the company and its respect for the community that you so much want to support, and yet you come here just to judge me by my looks and goes all the way to put my parents on the conversation. You are no better than anyone, you took to my personal side, and that is on you, if I started to talk about your family or anything on a personal level I don't think you would be acting like that. I'm actually hoping some moderator comes and delete this crap. I may have disrespected the company, and that's business, they have to take criticism, they have to handle pissed of customers.,but you got on a personal level with me without any provocation, and I didn't do anything to you... I just felt much disrespected as a customer from the company. I don't think I got cheated by the company, but being a small company is not a excuse, never was, for bad PR and transparency. If you can't be handle people being rude on the internet about frustration with a company, you shouldn't be rude too. As a company, if I read something like I wrote, I would take that as a wake up call, if someone have so harsh words means that I disappointed them on a whole new level, and that's my point. I don't think the company need more people massaging their egos, and get real, if you just come to excuses for the enterprise, they will never be better. And honestly I want them to be better.
  2. I'm sorry that you think that my venting about my frustration here on the forum has to do with anything about my education or how my parents raised me. I guess you are someone perfect that never got frustrated and cursed someone. You talk about disrespect, but you don't see that the company that promised 2 years ago an update still not delivered, tell how that is respect for its customers. You can come here as a knight in shinny armor trying to defend their action, but all you do is come out as a fanboy. If I have a product and the company does that kind of shit, I hold them responsible for the lack of communications, lack of transparency, excess of bullshit on the motives of delay. I guess I've been spoiled by companies that actually work professionally and with respect. As people have pointed out, you actually can't downgrade the firmware now, why would that impact on a newer firmware? Why would they not release the new firmware now and promise an update to enable the downgrade? Why can't you waive that option yourself when you install it? Sorry but that is bullshit... I can't handle bullshit, right now I was waiting for the software so I can have static routes, something I think every other router have... And my patience runned out. I was recommending the router for my friends, even though it is not cheap to ship for my country, I told them the company and support was top notch, now I'm ashamed I've did that.
  3. Another shitty move by this shitty company, all talk and no result. I hoped that you were better... I was mistaken.
  4. I have a QNAP Nas and one of its characteristics is about automatically map services to the UPnP port forwarding. At first it did not work, after 1 week and a new factory reset, the UPnP rules started working, that is a weird behaviour (I was about to contact QNAP for some help). I also have a question about static routes, the absence of that option really bugs me out, how it's possible to block one of the core functionalities of a router? I saw a lot of old topics that was an incoming feature, is it true? I really do hope DumaOS will include this feature, with hopefully some good VPN control. Now for one feature request, I would like to request a smartdns/pi-hole dns control per device as the VPN config. That way it's really easy to enable and opt-out some devices that either are not from power users (that would adjust the pi-hole server). For now I tried using my NAS as a VPN server with the specific dns, but something gets wrong when the router tries to connect to a vpn within the local network, even with port forwarding enabled and working.
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