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  1. Hello Jack, Ive been dealing with the same issue. Even with 25-50ms ping it will feel like 150ms or more. Do you know if DMZ enabled on the console will help in anyway? Thanks
  2. Thank you! FIFA can always give you a headache lol
  3. Hi Fraser! any news on the cloud update for FIFA?
  4. LOL - If it happens in career mode then EA have screwed this game up and they dont know how to fix it.
  5. Hi MihaiL1804, To be honest, it’s better! In regards to button delay and latency, it all ties into the distance between you and your opponent’s location. With the Geo-filter enabled (ex: my location (U.S). I find games less than 100ms ping depending on the server/host. My average ping for pro club games in the U.S is 25-75ms (which is great). The bad part is when I play with people in the UK. That's where button delay and latency kicks in (average ping of 150-170ms) and this is because of distance. My player is sluggish or unresponsive. There are also servers that are mis-located in the US and I have mentioned this to Fraser for the next cloud update. Overall, the XR500 gives you more control on how you connect with other players and gives you the ability to deny bad hosts so that you will always have a reliable connection when gaming. I also want to point out that the Netduma team is always willing to help and they respond really fast.
  6. Hi, it's the same ones I mentioned before to Fraser. Here you go: Mainly these: c09fffca3c5f9499 c09f1ee93c5f9499 <img src="http://forum.netduma...47-U28216.jpg"> <img src="http://forum.netduma...33-U28216.jpg">
  7. Hi Fraser, just wanted to give you an update. I applied the hot-fix. Geo-filter is still connecting to hosts outside my radius.
  8. Hey Fraser. I have the Netgear CM600. Do you recommend this modem with the XR500? Thanks
  9. Ok I may try it or just wait till the next firmware. Thanks
  10. Ok thanks. Yea I haven't. Is this hot-fix like a beta firmware?
  11. Ok sounds good. As for the location, I have tried moving it but it keeps matchmaking to those hosts even though they are outside my radius. Thanks for the update
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